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Dark Souls III - Master of Rings

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Master of Rings  

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Acquire all rings.

The most long winded task in the game as you need to find all 107 rings, with the +1, +2 and +3 versions only available on NG+ and NG++. You can also only get certain rings by following certain NPC quest and ranking up in certain Covenants. I will try to list these in the order you will get them - but obviously it may vary somewhat depending on how you play the game and what NPC's you assist.

NG Rings

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring - In a chest behind an illusory wall at the top of Firelink Shrine (NEED TO BUY THE TOWER KEY TO ACCESS).

Estus Ring - Found at the bottom of the Tower on the left side of the Firelink Shrine. (NEED TO BUY THE TOWER KEY TO ACCESS).

Ring of Sacrifice - On the High Wall of Lothric, find it on a roof you can jump to above the area with the large Winged Knight. Alternatively, can be bought from Yuria of Londor, for 3000 souls each.

Blue Tearstone Ring - Free Greirat on the High Wall of Lothric.

Untrue Dark Ring - Purchased from Yuria of Londor. Must have found Yoel and had him release your power five times (before killing Abyss Watchers) to get her to spawn.

Untrue White Ring - Purchased from Yuria of Londor. Must have found Yoel and had him release your power five times (before killing Abyss Watchers) to get her to spawn.

Fire Clutch Ring - On a corpse in the Undead Settlement. Behind the gallows and on a rickety bridge over the cliff, directly above the Cliffside Bonfire.

Flame Stoneplate Ring - Follow the path to the caged enemy that gives you access to the Mound Makers covenant and shoot down the corpse just past him to get this.

Bloodbite Ring - Undead Settlement in the sewers after the second bonfire, dropped by one of the rats.

Flynn's Ring - Looted from a corpse on the top of a roof at Undead Settlement. In the area where you fight the Fire Demon with Siegward of Catarina.

Chloranthy Ring - Found in Undead Settlement, in a tower after defeating the demon with Siegward. After defeating the fire demon, go up the left house to the roof. From there, find the ledge facing the stone tower beneath. Jump off the ledge and enter the tower. The ring will be located at the ground floor in some wooden crates.

Saint's Ring - Sold by Irina of Carim for 300 souls.

Pontiff's Left Eye - Soul Transposition using Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt.

Hawk Ring - From the Giant of the Undead Settlement. He drops this if you kill him or if you make peace and find all the White Branches then return here.

Morne's Ring - Under the bridge between the 1st and 2nd bonfires of Road of Sacrifices.

Sage Ring - Found in the swamp area, underneath the large building, of Road of Sacrifices near the giant crabs.

Great Swamp Ring - Starting equipment for the Pyromancer or dropped by killing a giant crab near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices.

Lloyd's Sword Ring - On a corpse inside Cathedral of the Deep, near the entrance on a ledge next to the first Giant.

Poisonbite Ring - Near the first short cut at Cathedral of the Deep behind the big Crystal Lizard.

Aldritch's Sapphire - Dropped by a giant spider enemy in Cathedral of the Deep, in a room that a Cathedral Knight slowly walks out of.

Deep Ring - Drops from a Deacon in a tower outside the Cathedral of the Deep.

Obscuring Ring - Rank 1 reward for Rosaria's Fingers. Need 10 Pale Tongues which can be farmed by killing Darkwraiths near the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire (might want to grind for this at the end of the game).

Lloyd's Shield Ring - Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid, after Paladin's Ashes are returned from Cathedral of the Deep.

Wolf Ring - Rank 2 covenant reward for the Watchdogs of Farron covenant. Need to get 30 Wolf's Blood Swordgrass from killing invaders or farming Ghru enemies around here (might want to grind for this at the end of the game).

Havel's Ring - Created with the Soul of a Stray Demon (you also need to use this soul to get a spell - so may want to save getting this until NG+).

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring - In Farron Keep. Drops from killing the Giant Crab near white tree.

Life Ring - Bought from the Shrine Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine for 1500 souls after returning Dreamchaser Ashes.

Farron Ring - Return to Firelink after beating the Abyss Watchers and talk to Hawkwood.

Young Dragon Ring - Starting equipment for the Sorcerer or given by Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing several spells.

Carthus Milkring - Found within the Catacombs of Carthus just after the first bonfire in a room with many vases.

Carthus Bloodring - Found at Catacombs of Carthus, from the second bonfire go past the wheel skeletons.

Witch's Ring - In the Catacombs of Carthus/Smouldering Ruins after destroying the rope bridge, climb down the far end of the broken bridge and past the demon, the ring is on a corpse at the end of the hall.

Speckled Stoneplate Ring - Found on a corpse in Smouldering Lake, behind a destructible wall on the left side from where you enter.

Knight Slayer's Ring - In Smouldering Lake. Kill Knight Slayer Tsorig. Found just after the basilisks, turn left at the bottom of the stairs.

Ring of the Evil Eye - Need to follow Anri of Astora's quest and she will give you this at the on the stone ledge before the High Lord Wolnir boss (you MUST have kille dhorace in Smouldering Lake and then speak to her again).

Pontiff's Right Eye - Located in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. As you cross the first bridge a large wolf beast spawns behind you, defeat it to get this ring.

Magic Clutch Ring - In Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Near the Yorshka bonfire there is large altar in a room just below the boss door, hit the illusory wall to the right. The ring is behind it.

Leo Ring - Found in a chest on the second floor of the room with Gwynevere's painting in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Just past the kitchen you find Siegwald in.

Ring of the Sun's First Born - Near the third bonfire there is large altar in a room just below the boss door, drop down from the ledge in front of the Pontiff boss door to get it.

Dark Stoneplate Ring - After the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. Go left out the door and underneath the bridge, this is on a corpse under here with some invisible enemies.

Ring of Favor - Defeat the large wolf beasts near the Aldritch Faithful Covenant leader Archdeacon McDonnell.

Wood Grain Ring - Purchased from the Shrine Handmaid after Easterner's Ashes are found from Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (as you head up the roof to Anor Londo).

Reversal Ring - Found in the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo to the right of the altar. Must have followed Anri's quest and not killed the pilgrim in the Church of Yorshka, then look to the right of her body here.

Aldritch's Ruby - In Anor Londo there is a large spider beast above the lever that opens the large door inside the main building. Kill it to get this.

Darkmoon Ring - Rank 1 reward from Darkmoon Covenant. Need 10 Proof of a Concord Kept and then hand them into Yorshka in the tower near Anor Londo (might want to grind at the end of the game to get this).

Sun Princess Ring - Found in Gwynevere's chamber after Aldritch's boss room.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring - From the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, head straight into the large room and then turn right, proceed until the end of the corridor and open the gate with a key (found slightly later on). Drop to the ring on the rocks below.

Dark Clutch Ring - Dropped by a mimic in the Irithryll Dungeon. After passing the giant there is a hallway with rats. The mimic is at the end of the hallway on the left side but watch out for basilisks dropping behind you.

Dusk Crown Ring - Located in the Irithyll Dungeon. The ring is in a cell beside the giant room where there are 6 Jailers.

Cursebite Ring - Profaned Capital, toxic swamp in the cave under the wooden bridge.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring - Found near where Siegward of Catarina is imprisoned in Irithyll Dungeon (need Old Cell Key found down rat filled sewer from the giants cell).

Dragonscale Ring - Found in the Consumed King's Garden. When taking the elevator up on the right of the area but get off halfway up and onto a ledge with an enemy. Beside him is this ring.

Magic Stoneplate Ring - Dropped from the second Greatsword wielding knight guarding Oceiros, the Consumed King.

Ashen Estus Ring - Located in the Untended Graves. From the first bonfire head to the left most path. You will find several enemies guarding this ring.

Hornet Ring - Found in Untended Graves, where the dog usually is to the right of Firelink.

Priestess Ring - Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves.

Prisoner's Chain - Soul Transposition using Soul of Champion Gundyr.

Lightning Clutch Ring - On a corpse in Archdragon Peak, to the left of the gate that leads to the Ancient Wyvern.

Ring of Steel Protection - Found in the boss arena where you fight the Ancient Wyvern. After entering the boss arena run up the stairs until you see a bell. Then proceed to the right, downstairs. There are 3 items lying on the ground. After the items look to the right, there should be a ledge you can walk on to find the Ring.

Calamity Ring - Use the Path of the Dragon gesture in front of a shrine in the room just after the bonfire you are teleported to when you kill the Ancient Wyvern.

Thunder Stoneplate Ring - In Archdragon Peak. From the second bonfire, go up the stairs and through the exit ahead. Down to the right and along the corridor past all the enemies until you get outside, then there is a ladder to your right which leads to the ring.

Horsehoof Ring - Sold by Unbreakable Patches if you save Greirat in Irithyll (need to have followed Siegwald's quest) and then tell Patches where he went when he raids Lothric Castle It also drops if you kill him (this one can be available earlier sometimes).

Red Tearstone Ring - In Lothric Castle. Face away from the Dragonslayer Armour Boss and head left to an elevator. Beside the elevator is a door to the balcony. Follow the balcony to the right to find this ring.

Knight's Ring - In the room before you find the Sunlight Altar in Lothric Castle.

Scholar Ring - In the Grand Archives. Get to the bridge in the middle of the room where the crystal sage/mage mini boss ends up after attacking it, and on the side where you drop down onto a ledge there is a lever beside it where the bridge starts that open's a shortcut with the ring.

Fleshbite Ring - In the Grand Archives after taking the first unlocked elevator up, going up the stairs, past the magicians, up another flight of stairs, and on that floor in a corner near bookcases.

Hunter's Ring - In the Grand Archives. Found at the tower with the three golden guards before the stairs to Prince Lothric.

Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring - Given by Orbeck of Vinheim after you have given him every Scroll and purchased all his Sorceries.

Skull Ring - Dropped from Ludleth of Courland when killed. Plus, at the end of the game, you can go to his chair, and pick it up, before starting NG+.

NG+ Rings

Speckled Stoneplate Ring +1 Version (NG+) - In the arena where you find the first Ravenous Crystal Lizard, in Cemetery of Ash.

Fleshbite Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Located in the High Wall of Lothric. From the second bonfire, head down towards the roof to the first crystal lizard in the game. Ahead of the next ladder, there is a roof you have to jump onto to get this ring.

Poisonbite Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Undead Settlement beside the well near the White Birch Tree.

Life Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Located in the Undead Settlement. Behind Siegward while he is waiting to battle the fire demon.

Silvercat Ring (DO NOT JOIN ROSARIA'S FINGERS OR THIS WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET) - You can get this on your NG run but would miss a gesture, so save it for NG+. You need to speak to Sirris in Firelink after first talking to Anri, then again after returning the Dreamchaser's Ashes (found near the Old Wolf). Then kill the wolf beast on the big bridge leading to Irithyll, rest at the next bonfire and head back to where he was to find her summon sign. Kill the invader then return to Firelink and speak to her to get this.

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Found next to the giant crab just below the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices.

Ring of the Evil Eye +1 Version (NG+) - Can be found just before Deacons of the Deep fight, at the back of the altar.

Magic Stoneplate Ring +1 Version (NG+) - From the Farron Keep bonfire, make a right and proceed to where the Basilisks are. The ring will be in this area.

Wolf Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Can be found on a corpse immediately outside the Keep Ruins bonfire building.

Thunder Stoneplate Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Can be found after the large steps with the skeleton boulder where there are lots of pots in Catacombs of Carthus.

Bloodbite Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Smouldering Lake, near the arrow shooting ballista.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1 version (NG+) - From the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, proceed beyond the graveyard to the dark room with all the ghosts inside. Just outside the exit, take a right and drop down to a small rocky ledge below.

Chloranthy Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Below the pedestal with the Ring of the Sun's First Born outside (and below) the Pontiff boss door.

Ring of Favor +1 Version (NG+) - Can be found after Pontiff Sulyvahn in the area above his boss room.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Found in the elevator near the first bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon.

Flame Stoneplate Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Located in the Profaned Capital. The ring is below on a ledge where you fight the NPC that drops the Logan's Scroll.

Wood Grain Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Behind the elevator in the Consumed King's Garden.

Ring of Steel Protection +1 Version (NG+) - Untended Graves behind the tower that is unlocked by the Tower Key.

Havel's Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Archdragon Peak. From the bonfire near the Nameless King go down the steps out of the room and it's just to side of the doorway here.

Life Ring +2 Version (NG+) - Lothric Castle. From the dark room where you fight the first black beast in the dragon's hand, head outside from the back exit. Turn right and drop down off the ledge. The ring is on a corpse.

Dark Stoneplate Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Lothric Castle, near the white wyvern. Drop down near the Dragonslayer Armour boss room, then heading through the room with the mimic - it's on the ledge outside to the right.

Sage Ring +1 Version (NG+) - Found in the rafters above the Archives. Drop down from the roof where the three Gold Knights are located.

NG++ Rings

Wolf Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Can be found in area after Iudex Gundyr boss fight. To the left of the door as you leave the arena.

Ring of the Evil Eye +2 Version (NG++) - High Wall of Lothric. From the second bonfire, head down to the roof with the first crystal lizard and the enemy that morphs. Climb the ladder down. Run past the spear wielding Lothric knight. Head down into the room with the Estus shard on the anvil. To the left of the shard is this ring hidden beside a bookshelf.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Undead Settlement. In the area after meeting Siegward with the Fire Demon, located on the roof of a shack in the far back of the area. Head up to the room with two casters, out onto the wooden ledge past them and you'll see a roof below you can drop to with the ring on.

Chloranthy Ring +2 Version (NG++) - From the Road of Sacrifices bonfire, head past the wagon and to the left of the mage there's a ledge that you can drop down to that has the ring.

Ring of Favor +2 Version (NG++) - Located in the Cathedral of the Deep. From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, go through the left shortcut, head up the elevator, climb the ladder behind the tower, drop down to the ledge, and follow the path to the top part of the chapel. To the left there is a hollow with a giant axe and behind him is this ring.

Dark Stoneplate Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Farron Keep near the Keep Ruins bonfire, proceed across the bridge past the 3 enemies. Turn left and continue behind the building.

Ring of Steel Protection +2 Version (NG++) - Catacombs of Carthus. At the very beginning when you are crossing the bridge, you will notice an item to the left on a pillar. Drop down from the bridge to obtain this ring.

Flame Stoneplate Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Demon Ruins. Behind a hidden wall where the Black Knight with axe is found. Right beside the Black Knight Sword.

Wood Grain Ring +2 Version (NG++) - In Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Past the room with the three Silver Knights, after the kitchen you meet Siegwald in, and then go outside, turn right and the ring is located in an alcove.

Havel's Ring +2 Version (NG++) - By the Darkmoon Covenant, drop down into the rafters to find it.

Magic Stoneplate Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Found in the Profaned Capital. Climb down the ladder towards the dungeon. There is a hole on the wall. Drop down, turn right, and go down the stairs. The ring is on the left of the stairs.

Sage Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Located in the Consumed King's garden. When initially taking the elevator down, get off halfway to a ledge. Turn left, drop down onto some stairs, and then turn left again to find this ring on another set of broken stairs.

Life Ring +3 Version (NG++) - In Untended Graves behind Holy King Lothric's throne.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Found in Archdragon Peak, after defeating the Nameless King it's in the next area past the boss room.

Thunder Stoneplate Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Can be found before the Dragonslayer Armour Boss in Lothric Castle. Beside the Red Tearstone ring there is a hole by the railing. Drop down to the ledge and turn right. Follow the ledge to find this ring.

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2 Version (NG++) - Located in Lothric Castle. Before the Lothric Prince Boss fight, there is a tower with three Gold Winged Knights. Go up the spiral stairs. There will be a ladder, instead go around the ledge to find this ring on a corpse hidden in an alcove.


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