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Dark Souls II - Abysmal Covenant

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Abysmal Covenant  

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Discover the abysmal covenant.

PLEASE NOTE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN A COVENANT TO GET THE ACHIEVEMENT - JUST HAVE THE OPTION TO: You need to talk to Darkdiver Grandahl in three different locations to join the Pilgrims of Dark. They can be done in any order. After the third one he will let you join. He will give you the Abyss Seal and you can then offer an Effigy to open a portal (in each area you found him) leading to the Dark Chasm of Old. You need to get Rank 3 in this covenant for a spell, so offer an Effigy at each place you found him to open a portal, you then have to defeat the phantoms in each area and light the beacon (take Flame Butterflys to light your torch) before falling into the mist at the end. After clearing the third area you will not be returned straight away but instead have to face the Darklurker boss. Be warned that if you die you have to offer ANOTHER effigy to redo the area.

Shaded Ruins - To the right of the ramp that leads up to the scorpion boss you will find a hidden wooden floor to fall through by some trees. He is at the bottom.

Black Gulch - Behind the Forgotten Key Door. Accessed via a hidden ledge near the pools with burrowing worms and hand monsters. Dropping down two levels has a large arch door that is locked. The next ledge down has a tunnel leading to a large room with two faceless giants. Killing both giants yields a Forgotten Key and Soul of a Giant. This key can be used on the previously found door to access a small chamber containing Grandahl.

Drangleic Castle - Behind the Soul-Activated door in the far left of the corner of the large room adjoining the King's Gate Bonfire. The room has two torch bearing giant statues at the end, and a Ruin guardian behind each door. You will need to drop through the floor in the required room to find him.


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