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Dark Souls II - Gesture Maestro

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Gesture Maestro  

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Learn all gestures.

You start with a number of gestures and then need to learn the following:

Welcome - Speak to Crestfallen Saulden, who is sat on the stone monument in Majula go through all his dialogue to learn this.

Duel Bow - Speak to Blue Sentinel Targray in the Cathedral of Blue (found in Heide's Tower of Flame area) after acquiring a Token of Fidelity, you can find one on a ledge just under the bridge leading to the Undead Purgatory in Huntsmans Copse OR acquire by helping other players via the White Soapstone. You HAVE to join the covenant for him to give you the option of learning the gesture (but you can leave after).

Fist Pump - In Huntsman's Copse, after you lower the huge iron bridge cross it to come to a bonfire behind a locked door, take the Cliffside path nearby (rather than the caves) and follow it a ramp that leads up, the Key is on a corpse up here. Return to the locked room and speak to Creighton the Wanderer to learn this.

Joy - From Majula head back towards Things Betwixt but take the right hand cave instead. Speak to Benhart (with the blue sword) and then examine the statue up ahead. You need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to un-petrify Rosabeth of Melfia here, once you have done so go back and speak to Benhart again to learn this gesture.

Warmup - First purchase the Ring of Whispers from the cat in Majula (costs 5,800 souls) then speak to Manscorpion Tark in the Shaded Ruins (he is at the bottom of the left hand building as you face the giant basilisk in this area) after defeating Scorpioness Najka (you may need to rest first if you summoned him to help in the fight).

Hurrah! - Can only be acquired AFTER speaking to the Ancient Dragon and getting the Ashen Mist Heart. Then go to the Forest of Fallen Giants and access the Memory of Vammar (tree that looks like a giant near the ballista room). Speak to Captain Drummond in the memory to learn the gesture.

This One's Me - When you first get to Castle Drangleic go up the stairs ahead and speak to Chancellor Wellager (the ghost) repeatedly until he teaches you the gesture.

Have mercy! - Shortly into the Undead Crypt (after the first rooms with the ghouls and spellcasters) someone will call out to you. DO NOT HAVE A LIT TORCH OR SORCERY AT THIS POINT. Follow the path and speak to Grave Warden Agdayne to learn the gesture.

Prostration - In Earthen Peak, after the second bonfire that is behind a fog gate, go up the stairs outside that room and smash the wooden fencing ahead of you. Go along the ledge to the left to meet Laddersmith Gilligan, pay him 2000 souls for a ladder to reach a Lockstone and he will teach you this. If you miss him he will move to Majula AFTER you defeat the area boss and be sat by the pit near the mansion.

Decapitate - From the Ruined Fork Road in the Shaded Woods enter the foggy door and stick to the left hand wall, follow it up to a ruined circle and speak to the Head of Vengarl repeatedly to learn.

Mock - In the Lost Bastille, just before the bridge to Sinners Rise, you can go up some stairs to some cells with a petrified wizard. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free Straid of Olaphis then speak to him repeatedly to learn this gesture.

Praise the Sun - Just before you enter the large building (Earthen Peak) via the door with all of the poison pots in Harvest Valley, there is a small path that runs across to the left above the poison smog with the two Dark Giants. Follow this to the Alter of Sunlight and you can learn this without having to rank up in the Covenant.


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