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Baseball Riot - All Star

Tutorial Name: Baseball Riot - All Star  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Collect three stars from every level in region 6.

In my opinion this is the toughest achievement in the game. You have to get 3 stars on all levels in region 6. Some are easy and some will take some very lucky or precise shots and can be frustrating. Getting the "Star Batter" achievement will get you three stars in the first level. Below are videos showing a way to get three stars in the remaining levels, along with some comments/tips from me based on my experience trying to get three stars on each level.

NOTE: I wasn't able to replicate either of those first two shots after many attempts. Instead I did his last shot first and tweaked it until it got at least two enemies and a star, my second shot went up and over, as did my third. You may have to play with this one a bit to find shots that work better for you. Don't be afraid of some trial and error.

NOTE: I had one hell of a time trying to replicate that first shot and was never able to do it. Getting the star underneath that board is very difficult. In the end, I tweaked that first shot so it'd hit the wheel up top and knock it right into the enemy and then fall onto the board to push it out of the way enough to expose the star. This level was the hardest one for me.

NOTE: That second shot he makes is absurdly lucky, so good luck replicating it. Instead of starting with breaking the glass, I started with the shot to hit the guy up top and made sure the ball came back around to break the glass. This gave me two shots to knock out everyone on the right instead of just the one he makes.

NOTE: I couldn't replicate that first shot consistently at all, so I did his second shot first to make sure I got that star before it gets blocked, then I did his third shot, and then you just need to bank a ball up to that top corner.

NOTE: I started with his last shot, and that bank off the triangular piece is ridiculous to replicate. I instead bounced it right back into the star under you first and then let it hit the guys afterward.

NOTE: I definitely customized this level a bit, but the most important part is making sure that the guy you knock out on the right falls right and into the glass over the star and breaks it. If it doesn't, restart until he does. Otherwise you won't have enough balls to get that star.

NOTE: All three of these shots are extremely lucky. I wasn't able to do them at all. My first shot I focused on something similar to his second shot, where I bounced the ball up to the wheel up top and hit it so it'd fall into the Explodz case and knock out both enemies there and often the enemy on the top right, as well as breaking the glass on the left.


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