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ACA NEOGEO: Aero Fighters 2 - HI SCORE MODE 300,000 points

Tutorial Name: ACA NEOGEO: Aero Fighters 2 - HI SCORE MODE 300,000 points  

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HI SCORE MODE 300,000 points.

The best players to use are the American girl or the ninja. This is because they have homing weapons once you uprade; the American with missles and the ninja with shuriken. You get upgrades by killing the larger enemies. Try to save your special weapons for the bosses, as they can kill you quite easily, also they take a while with regular weapons. Your special will take them out nice and fast. As with all shmups, watch the enemy bullets rather than your ship, as one hit will take a life.

The trick to getting to a high score is to get the bonuses. There are several enemies that pop up, that if you kill them and get the bonus quick enough, you can get up to 10k per enemy, racking up score really fast. Basically, shoot them as soon as you see them and dash to collect as soon as you can.

The first level is always the same, and you will see two sets of three tanks that are vertically aligned. Getting all six with the max score can get you 60k, and you can get around 90k by the end of the level.

The second level is either Paris, New York or Jungle. Paris doesn't seem to have any bonus places, but New York has three skyscrapers you can take down near the start, and Jungle has lots of bonuses. There are the circular buildings near the beginning, and the stationary tanks just after these have some more.
The third level is where you will get most of your points, this is essentially a bonus level and you can easily rake in 100k plus.

If you don't have the 300k by the end of this level, you shouldn't need much more.


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