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A Walk in the Dark: Got them all!

Tutorial Name: A Walk in the Dark: Got them all!  

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Catch all 100 Shinies.

Shinies are the collectible of the game. They are small glowing objects. There is one in each of the 100 levels in the game. Unfortunately it isn't just a matter of collecting them. You also have to finish the stage after collecting them for them to count. If you die after collecting one, you'll have to collect it again in your next attempt.

Most shinies are in a slightly out of the way place, or in a precarious area. None are difficult to get to, you just may need to go a little out of your way or put yourself at risk to grab it. They are all very straightforward to collect. None is hidden that you actively need to search it out. That being said, the background on some levels, such as some cave levels and some Strange World levels, can make it tough to spot the shiny at first because it can blend in with the background if you're not actively looking for it. It's quite possible you'll finish a couple levels and not notice the shiny. Just replay the level, taking your time to check each platform and corner for the shiny.

It's worth noting that there is no time limit for collecting the shinies. So definitely don't feel the need to rush through a level. Take your time, collect the shiny, and make it safely to the end. Save the speed run of each level for after you've collected each shiny.

After obtaining a shiny and completing the level, you'll get the medal awarded to you in the upper left corner after level completion. At that point the shiny is no longer available to collect in the level. To monitor your progress, from the Map screen, as you scroll over each level it will show you the medals you've earned in that level. If you collected the shiny, that blue medal will be lit up.

Upon collecting the shiny in every level and completing them all, the achievement will unlock.


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