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The Crew 2 - Master of the Line

Tutorial Name: The Crew 2 - Master of the Line  

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is event contains three parts flowing into each other:

- Hypercar (easy)
- Power Boat (easy-ish)
- Alpha GP (not easy at all)

The way I did it:

The key to win this event is to gain a huge lead on Clarence during the Power Boat race, then use this lead to win the GP race. For the latter, I had to upgrade my car to 291 to be even remotely able to win. I farmed upgrades by repeating the second Alpha GP event which is short and rather easy. The Power Boat should be upgraded as well, but it was sufficient to be able to enter and win all Power Boat events.

The entire Alpha GP section is on icy road, so your car will slip like crazy. If you leave the track, don't try to get back by accelerating but rather by simply steering or your car will swerve and you'll lose even more time. Also, trees are not your friend! If you hit one and don't have sufficient time on your opponent, it's race over as the AI seems to cheat on straight sections and never needs to brake in turns. Really take care to make perfect turns, don't accelerate into them but rather out of them and don't use nitro before turns or your car will again lose traction and possibly careen into one of the readily available trees.

On my winning attempt, my lead from the Power Boat section was 0.7 miles and I was able to extend that lead to 0.9 miles during the GP section, but that was without any driving errors. Take your time to learn the track - it's not even that difficult by design, just because it's so damn slippery.


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