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Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition - Father of all zombies

Tutorial Name: Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition - Father of all zombies  

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Description: Defeat the last boss in Story mode. (Secret)

How to Earn: I at first was having a little trouble defeating this guy, but that was down to me focusing all my attention to the boss. For the first minute as i arrived at the boss area i decided to take out all the spawn locations for the other zombies in the immediate area. This alone will help you out. As if you don't take them out the you will get an onslaught of exploding zombies in the area which will make any mission hard. Once done try to keep your distance from him otherwise he will punch the ground and that will destroy your armour really quickly. His 3 ranged attacks can be easily dodge just by driving at an angle as you take your shots.

DO NOT stray too far from him for too long as he will start to regenerate his health. There are missile and rail gun spawns and a health spawn in the immediate area if you need this.

Without even trying this took me approximately 3 minutes to finish this level so for anyone waiting for the challenge to start it isn't that hard to defeat him in under 5 minutes.


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