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Goat Simulator Timey Wimey

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Timey Wimey  

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Timey Wimey

Visit The Badehaus

To get this achievement, you need to have raised at least $25,000 to gain access to the Museum, Carrier and Travel Agency teleporters.

From where you spawn in the Crowd Kicker HQ, exit the facility, turn right and head up the cliff towards the Museum. Enter it and keep walking straight and over a bridge and enter the Air and Space building. Walk up the steps to the left and follow the walkway all the way around to the end and you will see a blue phone box (a mock of the Doctor Who TARDIS). This is called the \'TURDIS\'.

Headbutt the TURDIS and it will shake and disappear. It will appear in one of two locations: on the ledge opposite the teleporter in the Carrier or next to the QR cube and two statues in the center of the Academy dome. Use the teleporters to travel to one of those two locations to find it. When you find it, headbutt it again and it will shake and disappear and will reappear at the other location (if it was on the Carrier first it will appear at the Academy, and vice versa).

Travel to that second location and headbutt it again to make it disappear. It will reappear in its final location; in front of the Safe Parking section just outside the 3D Printer building in the Research dome. Instead of headbutting it, just walk into it and you will be transported to The Badehaus, which will unlock the achievement.

Note: There is a golden rocket trophy in this room, so it is recommended you pick this up now rather than having to go through these steps to gain access to The Badehaus again. It is located on the taller diving board platform.


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