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Goat Simulator Le Voyage Dans la Lune

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Le Voyage Dans la Lune  

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Le Voyage Dans la Lune

A Trip to the Moon.

The easiest way to unlock this is to complete the \'Buried Games\' prank. It is recommended that you use Valentino Salami (the flamingo) as he can fly and traverse the environment the easiest.

Near the train tracks up on a small hill (there the tracks form into a bridge) is a vault in the ground. You will need a drill to open it and there\'s one close by in an alley where you take the captured cats to complete the \'Catastrophe\' prank (refer to "Retirement" for more information).

Once you have the drill, return to the vault and place it on the door so it automatically starts drilling. You may need to position the drill once or twice more to fully unlock the door. When the vault opens, fly down the hole and you will be in a room with a construction light surrounded by paper (or disks). Lick one of these papers/disks and fly back up the hole to the surface.

Fly over to the pirate ship nearby and walk into the room with all the servers. Touch the paper/disk to the servers and it will begin to upload (the message \'UP, UP AND AWAY!\' will pop up on the screen). The ship will start moving. Just wait for about a minute and the ship will launch up into the air. There will be a loading screen and when you reappear, you and your three crew members will be on the moon, unlocking the achievement.


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