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Goat Simulator Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3?

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3?  

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Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3?

Sacrifice the 3 Sanctum items

This is attainable in Goat Ville.

For this achievement, you need to bring three objects to the sacrificial circle in the far right corner of the map. First you need the small statues from both the "Pedestrian" and "LOEK Master" achievements. Bring them both to the circle. The third item needed is a robot that is sitting inside the suspended container in the construction site.

To get to the robot, double jump on the two stacked red containers next to the street then double jump onto the roof with the four fans. Then jump on one of the fans and it will propel you upwards. Aim your goat so it lands on top of the suspended blue container. Maneuver the goat so it falls inside the container (Slo-Mo helps) and you will see the robot inside. Lick the robot and drag it out of the container to the ground. Bring it to the sacrificial circle where the two other objects are and when you release your lick, your head will catch on fire and the achievement will unlock.


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