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Lost Cities

Tutorial Name: Lost Cities  

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Pack Mule

Play at least one Number 10 card and win the game

OK, here are a few tips on how to play the game. You must get points by starting expeditions (each color represents an expedition) and getting more points than the starting price for the expedition. Playing a #card (1 to 10) on an expedition costs -20, since you start a new expedition. So to make it count, you must add #cards that sum up to 20+ (for example, #2 + #3 + #5 + #7 + #10 = 27, minus the -20, so you get 7 points). You can make more points by using development cards, but the starting price is also multiplied. One development card gives x2 to #cards but costs -40, up to 3 development cards which gives x4 but cost -80. Make sure you play small #cards first, because you cannot put smaller cards on your color once you play. For example, if you play a blue#3 and draw a blue#2, you can discard it but you can\'t play it. A good strategy is to keep your high point color in your hands and play other colors while you amass your desired color. By doing this, you run the chance to get more #cards of your color, and also more development cards. Also, you have a limited number of cards to draw from the pile that you split with your adversary. If, by the end of the pile, you seem to have a lot of cards to play but not enough turns to draw, a good strategy is to draw from the discard piles. This way, you don\'t draw anything interesting, but at least you don\'t reduce the draw pile, giving you more time to complete playing your hand. When playing against the CPU, try to play on Normal, because easy doesn\'t count towards the achievements (except archaeologist).


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