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Worms Revolution Wrecking Ball

Tutorial Name: Worms Revolution Wrecking Ball  

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Wrecking Ball

Smashed up one of each type of physics object

There are four types of physics objects: Inert, Poison, Explosive, and Water Releasing. Inert objects simply disappear when destroyed, Poison objects release clouds of green poison gas, Explosive objects blow up causing large amounts of damage, and Water Releasing objects release water that can cause nearby worms to move downhill.

You may get this just playing normally, especially if you go through training. In the campaign, the easiest way to ensure you don't miss any objects is to play the Physics Objects level in the Sewers, in which you have to blow up objects to complete the level. From the Main Menu, select Single Player, Campaign, Sewers, and press :rb: three times. The title of the level should be "Training 4: Physics Objects." It should take less than five minutes to complete.

If you choose not to play the campaign, you should still get this without any conscious effort. When using the Concrete Donkey to get kills, you will destroy large parts of the map, including physics objects. If for some reason this has not unlocked when you get to working on "Worminator" and "Wormicide", stack the enemy worms on physics objects to save yourself time.


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