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Delicious Meal - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Tutorial Name: Delicious Meal - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die  

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Description: Completed all of the Extra Cases from Forrest Kaysen.

Gamerscore Worth: 10G

How to Earn: Forrest\'s cases all revolve around eating meals at David\'s apartment. When you complete one of these "cases" from Forrest, David\'s stamina will completely fill up, so use these to your advantage.

There are six cases in all, one in the prologue, two in episode one, and three in episode two.

In the prologue, do the case after the Amanda stunt scene and before heading back into the dive bathroom.

In episode one, do a case before interacting with Roland in business class, then the second case before collecting all of the puzzle pieces on the plane.

In episode two, do a case after the Amanda stunt scene, another before interacting with the powered door on the plane, and then the final case before inspecting the jacket on the plane.

Some folks might have trouble unlocking this achievement in particular. In the Xbox Achievements D4 forums, Lavindathar missed the case in the prologue but got the other five cases done. Upon replaying the prologue case for Forrest, the game wasn't tracking the case when Lavindathar completed it. Lav later discovered that skipping the cutscene by holding down the B button gave him credit, and the achievement unlocked.


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