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Red Dead Redemption - Glitches, Missing Ranks. * All Fixes *

Tutorial Name: Red Dead Redemption - Glitches, Missing Ranks. * All Fixes *  

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Hello, this should help you with anything from Glitches, Bugs, General game issues. With this guide you'll be able to get past this issues and play the game.

Note: If you need help with anything, feel free to post your gamertag or even ask a question below.

Loading Loop:
Step One: Load single player, as soon as you're able to open your GUI - Click Multiplayer.
Step Two: Go into a private multiplayer freemode game.
Step Three: Once you've loaded in select " Public Freemode " under the server list.
Step Five: Enjoy the game.

Missing Multiplayer Rank / Single Player Progress.
This is because your rank does not transfer, in order to have it transfer to your xbox one. Read Below:
Step One: Load your 360 console, go over to your settings and storage devices.
Step Two: Find Red Dead Redemption, select it.
Step Three: Copy everything you want to transfer and copy it to your " Cloud Storage "

Modding & Changing stats:
Modding Tutorial for those who would like to use.

List of what you can get:

Undead Horse
Level / Prestige
Golden Guns

Current Glitches:
Experience Glitch [ XP ] - Expand
Step One: Load up a public match.
Step Two: Swap over to a " Friendly Free Mode "
Step Three: Open your map and set a waypoint at Twin Rocks " Gang Hideout "
Step Four: Fast travel from a transport location - to your waypoint, this will cause you to complete the mission over and over without doing anything.

- If this does not work, when connecting to a lobby press up on the D-pad so that you whistle, if your mount does not come to you. Then you're not in a glitched lobby where the glitch will work.

This was originally a thread I posted here on TheTechGame, I decided I'd post it here for others who struggle with these issues and will find it much easier to find here in the guides section.


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