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How to level up quickly in BF4

Tutorial Name: How to level up quickly in BF4  

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In this guide I will tell you how to rank up quickly in Battlefield 4.

Operation Locker is by far the best map to grind out levels on. There are certain spots in the map that people will just keep on running straight at you and you will get tons of XP. Just get into one of those 27/7 locker maps.

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Here is one of the spots, you will find this just under the centre of the map (C in Conquest), the tunnel you can see is one of the best places as enemies just keep on running through it. Get a gun with a large magazine, MG4 is the best I find as it fires incredibly fast, if not the Type 88 does the job. Then just lay down and shoot whatever comes through. There is also a tunnel above this but I find it doesn't work aswell. I have got up to 100,000 XP per game using this method. If you are playing conquest make sure you capture C as it makes it easier to hold off the enemies from other points.

Use your XP boosts, you would be surprised at the amount of people who don't realise that these even exist. If you use these while doing the method above you will rank up like 10x faster than you normally would, also if you are a premium member use your XP boosts on the double XP weekends for an even further of a boost. You can get these boosts by opening battle packs which you can buy or obtain from the game.

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Use a variety of guns, this way you get the XP from levelling the gun up and unlocking various attachments and service stars. If you stick to just one gun you won't level up that fast, keep switching between all of the classes so you get service stars for each class, service stars with an XP boost is what you should be after as they can give up to 120,000 XP depending on the service star and the percent of XP boost.

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I have gotten up 30 levels in 3 days using these methods. Hope they work well for you.


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Nice guide, I had BF4 for one month and only level 10 so far so this should help. It takes so long to rank up with the snipers though, unless you're getting a lot of kills fast. I'll try this, but my LMGs suck I'm pretty sure.