The Tech Game: July 2012

Microsoft Surface launching alongside Windows 8 this October15115,1394.5
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD success merits 'a fuller game,' Robomodo says15314,9464.6
Rumor: Media from MW3's September DLC drop leaked22624,9074.4
Report: Activision may have paid 'tens of millions' to West, Zampella11417,6934.7
3DS XL sells 193K units at Japanese launch13318,3214.8
Xbox720 Durango Devkit Leaked22939,5074.4
Cheapest PlayStation 3 slim model has no hard drive?14618,5654.5
Zynga under investigation following share price crash9514,7564.3
Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC officially revealed12917,2154.5
Xbox 360 failure rate now comparable to PS3 failure rate23132,2784.6
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD sells 120k copies in first week1096,0954.6
Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to PSN next Tuesday1264,6574.7
Microsoft opening new London Xbox studio1025,5864.5
Canceled Mojang project was a first-person shooter866,5874.6
The next Xbox Dashboard update with internet explorer beta testing opens23533,3104.3
Iranian nuclear program hit by virus, plays AC/DC1009,1184.5
Gran Turismo 5 'Academy Edition' racing to stores on September 26943,7654.7
Infinity Ward CV suggests next CoD releases on both current and next-gen14913,9944.7
Limited edition PS3s now available in the UK1256,3364.6
Microsoft won't comment on if Skype can eavesdrop on calls967,4984
Rumor: No PS3 redesign being announced at Gamescom814,7654.6
FIFA 13: Manager Mode gets first details938,5534.5
Lack of new consoles has 'penalised' industry, says Ubisoft12910,1404.4
Uniloc sues Mojang over alleged patent infringement in 'Mindcraft'747,9444.5
Activision sale in doubt as Vivendi finds 'few takers'533,7294.7
GTA 5 will not be shown at Gamescom1128,0854.6
Halo 4 beats Black Ops 2 in 'most anticipated' list - Nielson20316,9114.5
Minecraft XBLA sells 3 million18012,3134.6
There will be multiple ways to get into the Battlefield 4 beta707,4364.4
Microsoft: Xbox Live security strengthened, started with spring update11312,4144.7
DICE vows continued support for Battlefield 3898,6014.2
Modern Warfare 3 Terminal, Patch 1.18, and Elite DLC out now11817,8304.6
EA confirms Battlefield 41249,1144.6
iPad version of My Xbox Live app updated665,8884.7
343 Industries hiring for “NextBox” Halo?445,5644.6
Skype bug sends unintended recipients instant messages484,0904.7
Pirate Bay ban dip 'short-lived'667,8994.5
SOPA author wants to arrest journalists over leaks413,1634.5
Black Ops II – Treyarch Respects Your Play Style, More on Audio Design888,4144.4
Activision Apparently Forced Nintendo To Release Wii U Pro Controller10110,6344.3
EA wants to make sure Medal of Honor is different than Battlefield524,5964.8
Need for Speed Most Wanted Pre-Order bonuses detailed565,4324.7
Legendary Edition Halo 4 360 bundle official, limited edition controllers8812,4344.5
Wii U 'definitely more powerful than 360/PS3' - 5th Cell708,5254.3
Minecraft & Trials Evolution getting free DLC10818,2334.6
Halo 4 Xbox 360 console bundle revealed, costs a legendary $400809,4874.8
Modern Warfare 3's July content for Elite PS3 and Xbox 360 subscribers707,0944.7
Rumor: New PS3 model photographed677,7244.3
Gears of War: Judgment launching on March 19, 2013584,0884.7
Rumor: Battlefield 4 outed by Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order promotion564,7364.4
Steal a glance at two Grand Theft Auto 5 screens11613,7194.8
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update Happens Tomorrow!25447,0974.4
Rumor – Microsoft is Among Potential Activision Buyers8710,1614.6
Forza Horizon collector's edition, pre-order goodies revealed5510,6954.4
Black Ops 2 trailer stars villain Raul Menendez8510,9684.7
Mass Effect 3's 'Earth' multiplayer DLC out next week, totally free595,2654.7
Xbox's 'Kinect PlayFit' dashboard keeps track of cross-game calorie burning585,2804.5
Black Ops 2 soundtrack bolstered by Trent Reznor, Mass Effect composer Jack Wall516,1914.6
LucasArts hiring for unannounced FPS project676,5234.7
Rumor – Splinter Cell: Blacklist to Release in March 2013596,5314.6
Windows 8 getting 'late October' release849,2254.5
Certain Affinity developing Halo 4's Forge mode849,8444.7
Bloomberg estimates Xbox Live to be worth $1 billion+14711,0914.6
Rumor - 343 working on Halo 2: Anniversary Edition12011,8204.7
Minecraft XBLA Skin Pack also includes Master Chief17621,7784.1
Xbox Live down, Microsoft investigating20532,0974.4
PS1 and PS2 Games Coming to PS3 Soon via Streaming Service836,3114.7
Borderlands 2 Season Pass Confirmed!8312,5534.4
Minecraft 1.3 to merge single and multiplayer888,4394.3
Modern Warfare 3 hits 'Terminal' condition July 17, for free13112,8204.5
FCC filing from Sony may show future "Super Slim" PS3674,5934.6
Kim Dotcom accuses Joe Biden of ordering MegaUpload raid706,0644.6
Iwata: PS4/Xbox 720 graphics won't be drastically better than Wii U647,0084.6
Microsoft exec: Wii U 'is effectively a 360 in terms of GPU power'474,9564.5
Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console spotted?11312,4754.2
Nintendo 'can't promise all Wii U online services will be free'473,8464.5
CoD goes to China with 'Call of Duty Online,' from Activision and Tencent686,8954.6
Microsoft obtains 'Xbox 8' domain names838,4894.7
Halo 4 requires 'at least' 8GB flash drive, hard drive 'recommended'737,3744.6
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD 'THPS 3' DLC brings back the revert504,1814.6
Minecraft XBLA character skin pack features a few favorites8811,5614.5
'Terminal' map taxis its way to Modern Warfare 3747,4254.3
Google Chrome already No. 1 free iOS app838,4214.5
Sony working on PlayStation 4 since August 2010837,4594.4
Battlefield 3 players get double XP this week664,2404.4
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC – A Second Chance to Save A Failed Ending473,7194.7
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD: In Depth10322,4114.6

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