The Tech Game: June 2012

Nuketown 2025 OFFICIALLY announced.1009,6224.6
ITC delays Microsoft Xbox 360 US import ban decision10712,2704.6
Apple wins court order blocking U.S. sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus9111,3634.3
CounterStrike: Global Offensive (Review)13618,3804.5
Megaupload raid warrant 'invalid', New Zealand judge says686,9024.4
Over 800,000 enlisted in Battlefield 3 Premium so far764,1764.6
Nintendo: Wii U online functionality will be free615,4284.7
New Halo 4 multiplayer map revealed1109,8314.8
Nintendo 3DS XL getting supersized with Circle Pad Pro extension514,8434.7
Black Ops 2: Nuketown 2025 as pre-order bonus22445,0154.3
Activision sweeps up China-related Call of Duty domains504,3744.5
FBI arrests 24 carders in online sting, UGNazi leader is among them5910,6184.4
Black Ops II – Treyarch Keeping Familiar Multiplayer Experience15316,6544.4
Nintendo: $100 Wii U game prices are 'fictitious'544,7204.5
YouTube app goes live on Vita today for all your gaming-video needs625,4284.7
Lulzsec pair plead guilty to hacking, two more deny charges676,1904.6
What Nintendo needs to do to make a comeback685,9004.7
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC won't satisfy everyone says Bioware758,2354.5
PS3 'Firmware 4.20' releasing June 26th547,7394.6
Malware causing printers to create "garbled printouts"555,7494.7
Did this 1985 film coin the phrase 'information superhighway'?384,0144.6
Modern Warfare 3 devs ask which playlists do you want added?29140,5774.3
ESRB Rates Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City For PlayStation 3777,1984.6
Rumor: Assassin's Creed 3 PC delayed to November514,3344.6
Leaked Modern Warfare 3 ‘Terminal’ Gameplay19635,9444.8
Dreamworks is making the Need for Speed movie746,3814.6
GTA V Will "Break all records" Says Pachter20424,5324.6
Nintendo unveils Nintendo 3DS XL666,1364.6
White 320GB PlayStation 3 to cost £24011311,1414.6
New Super Mario Bros. 2 to offer paid DLC stages504,6164.6
BT now blocking the Pirate Bay in the UK778,7384.7
Microsoft orders another website to remove "Xbox 720" document10815,5454.7
Miiverse cares not for your Twitter and Facebook accounts363,4204.6
Kojima can’t quit Solid Snake, confirms Metal Gear Solid 5577,8374.6
Xbox 360 ban: Microsoft rejects Motorola settlement13117,5554.7
Crytek estimates Wii U is 'minimum as powerful as Xbox 360'444,0934.8
Halo 4 Multiplayer Won't Have Spectator Mode16515,4224.6
Infinity Ward Dev Working on Bringing MW2′s Terminal to MW3 for Free21326,2384.3
XBLA Summer of Arcade 2012 detailed, Tony Hawk kickflips it off on July 18765,6384.7
PlayStation Store taken down in Korea in compliance with new law655,8184.6
Sonic Adventure 2 spotted on Xbox.com12812,7074.4
Unlocking Xbox Achievements may soon get you free MSP26735,0554.5
Sony: We won't show PS4 until it can demonstrate 'a significant leap'889,9874
IW "on the fence" over leaked Modern Warfare 3 'Terminal' map22726,2064.8
iOS 6 Pictures and Information:12414,9884.4
Microsoft announces Surface tablet at Los Angeles event738,5784.7
Leak: "Xbox Surface" gets detailed13516,9424.7
Microsoft lawyers remove leaked 'Xbox 720' document9711,6804.6
Rumour – Next Modern Warfare 3 maps to be Shipbreaker and Terminal10014,8914.5
Ubisoft registers various movie-oriented Watch Dogs domains425,0624.7
EA, Wooga pulling games from Google Plus423,8144.6
Minecraft 360 still struggling with dupe glitches after update9923,0034.5
Why Nintendo could win the touch generation676,3654.6
Talk of Final Fantasy VII remake heats up with domain purchase304,8854.6
Skyrim's Dawnguard Expansion Gets Details About Story, Perks, Abilities7211,7104.4
Rumor: 'Xbox 720' doc spills details on Kinect 2, 2013 launch, AR glasses409,6124.4
Sony: Cloud gaming future is "absolutely inevitable"363,3914.7
Ubisoft in talks with Warner Bros., Paramount on Splinter Cell movie403,7224.7
PS3 controller goes 'metallic gold' at GameStop474,9494.5
Battlefield 3 double XP this weekend213,1334.7
MW3 Custom Game Mode Downloads Disabled on all platforms7419,0854.6
Nintendo not interested in buying Wii U exclusive titles253,3724.5
Halo 4: A Closer look at the New Sniper and Needler428,1734.8
Can Call of Duty Maintain its Momentum?323,6244.7
Minecraft XBLA update coming tomorrow7217,9594.4
Nintendo’s Top People Are Discussing Ways To Make Their New Games More Like Th243,5814.7
Top 5 Android malware troublemakers ID'd375,2284.7
Microsoft signs up first companies for Kinect-based NUads153,9014.7
PSN outage, password problems and account management inaccessible214,8294.3
Max Payne 3 cheaters get thrown into the miscreant quarantine629,0294.7
Nintendo's Fils-Aime outlines Wii U's dual GamePad plans, value proposition112,7374.5
Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: A Side-By-Side Comparison296,4844.6
Xbox 360 spring update rolling out this week and next529,6544.5
Microsoft gets help in fighting possible Xbox 360 US import ban215,4324.5
EA in the clear after investigation into Mass Effect 3 ending122,8014.6
My Xbox Live app launches on Android, more functionality added to iOS version143,0814.8
Skype to insert ads on Skype-to-Skype calls215,9394.5
Wii U games won't support two WiiPads at launch172,3124.5
TalkTalk latest UK ISP to block The Pirate Bay223,9004.5
Activision opposes US Xbox ban requested by Motorola6714,8434.3
Splinter Cell: Blacklist listed for Wii U91,8124.7
Wii U achievements not mandatory for devs101,7624.7
Activision promises to support Wii U in future101,7984.6
Black Ops 2 demoed on Fallon: watch it now5510,7204.4
Rumor – Black Ops II for Wii U Releasing This Fall?111,7904.7
Halo 4 – Armor Abilities, Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades Detailed5328,6314.8
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee being rebuilt from scratch, HD remake91,7004.7
Skyrim: Dawnguard beta invites being sent out142,7304.5
Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a secret return to Paradise203,0694.5
PSA: Metal Gear Online goes offline tomorrow, say goodbye today173,0334.6
E3 - Hauppauge StreamEez216,7814.7
eHarmony confirms breach around 1.5M passwords stolen113,4054.6
E3 - Technology Photo Dump113,4114.5
E3 - PS3 Photo Dump144,0574.6
E3 - Xbox Photo Dump559,9234.4
E3 - Nintendo Photo Dump82,5164.6
Afterglow Wireless Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset Revealed!5723,4044.7
Watch Dogs confirmed for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3184,4944.6
noobz 2012 World Premier!258,6904.6
E3 - Carrier Command: Gaea Mission103,3774.6
Hacked LinkedIn accounts already being used by criminals94,2934.5
Black Ops 2: E3 Teaser Showing6411,9384.2
Millions of LinkedIn passwords have been stolen112,5124.6
Watch Dogs goes viral276,2494.5
Brick Force: Build, Share, Play124,5194.5
OnLive announces new MultiView spectating feature72,0844.7
E3 2012: Microsoft shows off Xbox SmartGlass4311,3094.7
LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC turns the Vita into a PS3 controller132,7624.6
E3 2012: Playstation one classics coming to PS Vita102,5944.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified hitting Vita164,4584.4
Ubisoft shows off four-player co-op in Far Cry 3112,2494.7
Minecraft XBLA sales surpass 2 million copies344,7824.7
Wii U: Pro Controller Revealed236,3154.6
YouTube support coming to PS Vita in June183,9274.7
Kinect used by surgeons in new UK research project152,9264.8
Microsoft rumored to show "Xbox Smart Glass" at E3319,3934.7
What to expect from Nintendo at E3 2012133,4334.7
Gears of War: Judgment outed386,3984.5
Time Warner job listing points to HBO Go on Nintendo systems152,6294.8
Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite Drops Release June 14173,2124.3
Wii U getting achievements, cloud storage, social networking214,6054.6
Black Ops II Gets X-Ray Sniper Rifle Technology386,0594.5
Modern Warfare 3 – Shipment and Rust Remakes a Possibility6511,8914.5

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