The Tech Game: March 2012

UK Retailer GAME saved - for now...146,2534.7
Assassin's Creed 3 pre-orders set to break Ubisoft records225,3954.6
Report: Hackers can pull credit card info from old Xbox 360 hard drives4912,5654.7
Rumor: Stripped down Xbox planned for 20133617,2424.4
Minecraft built $80 million in revenue74,1704.5
277 GAME stores shuttered, 40% of workforce let go, gift cards suspended207,0524.7
Robert Bowling resigns from Infinity Ward15235,2014.2
MW3 Hacks Limited to Private Match Players Stats "Have been backed up"6733,1274.3
Trials Evolution takes a dark turn into the world of Limbo74,1004.6
MW3 Upcoming DLC Will Feature Sniper Friendly, Close Quarters Maps3411,3114.3
XBLA 'Arcade NEXT' promo includes Trials Evolution April 18, Minecraft May 9166,3724.6
MW3 – Black Box Glitch Getting Hot Fixed Soon, Matchmaking Issues to be Resolv96,0894.7
Modern Warfare 3 Double XP This Weekend on Xbox 3606613,4834.7
Ninja Gaiden 3 users report trouble redeeming Online Passes104,1574.7
GAME weighs final options before point of no return2210,4884.6
Microsoft patented an Xbox gaming helmet3711,8064.5
MegaUpload founder's asset ruled "null and void" by NZ judge104,8864.7
DICE: “We Can See The Need and Urge For More” Close Quarters Maps206,6924.4
New Gears of War 3 title update emerges tomorrow114,3864.4
EA announce server shutdowns, Online Pass games affected3210,2244.1
Top 5 Protagonists This Generation3714,5364.7
Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Problems in “Remote Areas” to be Addressed Soon299,2234.6
Call of Duty Elite subs getting four more pieces of unnamed content this year317,8204.6
No 'new Xbox' talk at E3, Microsoft says236,7284.7
Sony using “social engineering psychology with data analytics”12,8384.4
Xbox Live users report Gamerscores dropping to zero, MS aware of the issue4111,0844.6
No more Sonic 4 episodes planned after episode 273,6214.6
iPad 3 online pre-orders sell out94,5414.6
There is no Halo 4 beta or Halo4beta site438,5874.6
XBLA achievement cap increases?206,6064.9
Medal of Honor Warfighter powered by Frostbite 2.0358,2834.3
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters announced for June, two more packs incoming94,8244.5
Battlefield 3 customizable servers coming to consoles166,3654.5
Sony: PS Move ships 10.5 million units12,8014.6
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD could receive levels from other THPS games as DLC83,8424.4
Rainbow 6: Patriots retains gritty story after team change93,7844.6
Rovio wants Angry Birds Space on 'all the screens,' Vita version up to Sony22,6274.6
Halo 4′s "Perk" System Clarified, "Classic Halo is Still There"5111,9064.7
Assassin’s Creed III Four-Player Co-Op Confirmed147,0364.8
Modern Warfare 3 March Trailer, Black Box Map and Two Special Ops Missions248,5594.4
Halo 4 Multiplayer Introduces Perks, 343i Assures "Halo’s not Call of Duty"8618,6244.7
MW3 Dev Considers Non-Lethal Deathstreaks For Next CoD4412,0764.1
Call of Duty Titles Have Year-Round Activity, No “Signs of Slowing” – Eric5211,8284.2
Nintendo the victor in patent suit16,9414.7
Microsoft: Xbox Live Arcade will end ... someday3310,7764.7
Zynga breaking away from Facebook dependency with 'Zynga Platform'32,9984.7
Vita's Facebook app is back42,7514.5
Notch gives $3 million Mojang dividend to employees54,5464.5
Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Set For Release In Fall 201202,6754.6
Trials Evolution release date leaked258,3794.7
Modern Warfare 3 Overwatch Releases on March 29 for PS332,9154.7
New Vita games to be announced next week22,8374.7
Mojang acquires Minecraft mod makers, will make mods official44,8764.7
Modern Warfare 3 'Content Collection #1' drops on Xbox Live March 204910,8794.1
Rumor: Assassin's Creed 3 takes place during American Revolution329,2024.7
Spanish retailer lists Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for November3610,9654.6

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