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Super Mario 64 speedrunners have finally found a way to consistently perform a trick that's eluded the community for years, and it might just be the biggest time save in over two decades. Autoscrollers - levels where you have to simply wait for the game to take you to your goal with no way to speed up the process - are the bane of speedrunning, and there's a big one in Super Mario 64. In the more
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When Sonic Superstars releases next month, the game will feature a Battle Mode that can be enjoyed both online and in local multiplayer. Rather than players battling it out as Sonic and friends, they instead control Metal Fighters. Metal Sonic will appear in the mode, as well as Metal takes on Amy, Knuckles, and Tails. Playing online will earn players medals, which can then be used to purchase more
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Longtime Mortal Kombat boss Ed Boon has promised fans that current problems tied to the Nintendo Switch of Mortal Kombat 1 will be rectified in due time. Compared to its counterparts on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the Switch version of MK1 has been pretty rough, to say the least. Not only do the game's visuals leave a lot to be desired, but it's also missing content that is seen on more
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Star Fox programmer Dylan Cuthbert says he’s sure the series will return at some point. Cuthbert previously worked at Argonaut Software and was one of the main programmers on the original Star Fox (aka Starwing). Despite being one of Nintendo‘s most recognisable brands, there hasn’t been a new Star Fox game in seven years – the last was Star Fox Zero on Wii U, which was met with a more
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Nintendo reportedly briefed Activision Blizzard on plans for its next-gen console late last year. That’s according to internal Activision materials that have emerged as part of Microsoft’s legal battle with the US Federal Trade Commission, which were viewed by The Verge. According to the materials, Activision executives, including CEO Bobby Kotick, met with Nintendo executives, more
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A new Among Us map has been revealed, and will take players to a new location when it drops. The map is called The Fungle, and takes place on a deserted island. Revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct, the map actually made a fitting inclusion, given the fact that it's covered in mushrooms. According to the game's official Twitter account, "the mushrooms aren't deadly but the Impostors more
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When Super Mario RPG releases this fall, Nintendo Switch users will finally get a chance to experience a classic Super Nintendo game. From everything revealed thus far, Super Mario RPG has looked fairly faithful to the SNES version, though players can expect a handful of additions. According to the game's official Japanese website (translated by Nintendo Everything), the game's standard more
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The Outer Worlds 2 was first announced by developer Obsidian Entertainment back at E3 2021. We haven't too much about it since then outside of a report that it might be coming a bit sooner than we originally expected. That makes sense considering Obsidian has released Grounded and Pentiment in the years since, while also working on Avowed. However, a recent job posting on Obsidian's official site more
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The Nintendo Switch is in the final stages of its lifecycle, but it still has a number of major games in the pipeline. One in particular that was recently announced and has a lot of people very excited is a remake of the beloved GameCube classic, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. From what we saw in its reveal trailer at the recent Direct, it seems to be taking promising shape so far- though more
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Nintendo has announced a remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong. The game was originally released on Game Boy Advance in 2004, and is a 2D platformer with puzzle elements. According to Nintendo, the game is an “updated version” of the original and will include new features such as co-op play. It’s set for release on Switch on February 16.
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