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Nintendo is suing a Switch hacker called Gary Bowser. As reported by Polygon, Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against 51-year-old Canadian national Bowser, who is an alleged member of Switch hack creators Team Xecuter. That's right - president of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser is suing a Nintendo hacker called Gary Bowser. This is the battle of the Bowsers - in court.
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Insiders recently teased that a Nintendo x Xbox announcement is coming at some point this year. For now, it remains to be seen what this announcement will be. Leading theories believe Xbox Game Pass is involved, but at the moment, these are just theories. That said, right in the middle of all this speculation, the official Halo Instagram account shared fan art showing Mario characters reimagined more
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Hello Games has released an update for its exploration-puzzler, The Last Campfire. In The Last Campfire update, you can expect 20% more puzzles, and the ability to replay any of the puzzles at any time. You can also read the Wanderer’s diary, and will find multiple improvements to performance across all platforms. Expect improved controller support, new Mac support, higher framerate, more
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The semiconductor shortage that is affecting everything from computers to car production has also affected game console production. According to Nintendo, it doesn't have issues right now with making new consoles, but that could change as we move further into 2021. In an interview with Nikkei (via VGC), Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa said that while the company has the materials it needs for more
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Nintendo has announced the release of a new Nintendo Switch Lite color that’s launching on May 21st. That date which is also the same one that the Miitopia game releases will welcome a blue variant of the Nintendo Switch Lite that’ll be sold at the same price the rest of the colors are available for. This new color will be the fifth color option that’s been released since the companion more
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A new rumor suggests that Nintendo and Xbox will make an announcement later this year. The rumor was shared by Shpeshal Ed on Twitter, the co-founder of The poster pointed to an April 9th Game Mess video from Jeff Grubb. In the video, Grubb discusses a Phil Spencer photo with many interesting items on the shelf in the background, including a Nintendo Switch. (that image can be seen more
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Nintendo’s president has provided an update on Switch hardware production, stating that the company has been able to secure enough semiconductors for “immediate” production. However, speaking to Nikkei (paywall), Shuntaro Furukawa warned that Switch could still experience hardware shortages this year due to significant demand.
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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has said that the company will invest in more original games in the future, in addition to supporting its core franchises. The Japanese giant has one of the richest portfolios of franchises in gaming, but the majority of its intellectual properties were created in the 1980s and 90s. In the decades since, it’s mostly focused on expanding these series, more
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Data miners have uncovered evidence that there could be some big changes coming to the Nintendo Switch, including Bluetooth audio support. First reported by NintendoLife, this information comes to us from a well-known Nintendo data miner called OatmealDome who posted screenshots to their Twitter, clearly showing the addition of audio support for the Nintendo Switch’s Bluetooth drivers. This more
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Following its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last summer, THQ Nordic has now announced that its remake of the beloved action-adventure game Destroy All Humans! will now be coming to Nintendo Switch. While that announcement on its own is surely enough to get many fans excited, better yet, the game's release isn't too far off, either. THQ made today's announcement for Destroy All more
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