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Fellow Traveller and Chance Agency's cyberpunk rideshare game Neo Cab is finally launching for PC and Nintendo Switch on October 3. One of the indie games that stuck out to me the most at E3 2019 was Neo Cab, a cyberpunk game about a rideshare driver. While that may sound like an odd pitch, the writing was great and it had a cool aesthetic. Fortunately, we will not have to wait much longer to more
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Nintendo has emerged as the winner in a court case where it hoped to limit access to sites which enable visitors to pirate Nintendo Switch games. The victory means that several large Internet provides based in the UK must now block access to sites which host pirated Nintendo Switch games for users to download for their consoles. News of this court victory came around the same time that Nintendo more
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Minecraft’s annual celebration of all things blocky and worth building is coming up soon when Minecon Live kicks off on September 28th. During that event, players who are there and those who are watching from home will be able to have their say on a player-driven update that’ll affect the game’s biomes. One biome is being updated, the Minecraft team announced, and it’ll be up to players more
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In a new report, E3 2020 will see several changes including a new floor plan, an industry-only day, and more. In a report from, E3 2020 will be overhauled and feature a new floor plan, an industry-only day, and more. These details come from a presentation given to members of the ESA. Rather than having just traditional booths, E3 2020 will also reportedly have experience hubs more
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Nintendo Switch Online members can now pre-order the classic SNES controllers. You can now purchase Super Nintendo controllers for your Switch on Nintendo’s product page. They’ll cost $29.99, and orders will ship out later this week–September 18. As of the time of this writing, only Switch online members are able to pre-purchase the controllers. However, they will surely be available more
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Developers Game Freak have been unveiling new Pokemon and gameplay features for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield pretty frequently, and they don’t seem to be slowing down even as we approach the game’s launch. Soon, they’ll be revealing something else- another new Pokemon. A mysterious page for a new Pokemon appeared on the official Pokemon site not too long ago, showing a glitched more
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The debate is settled: Minecraft is bigger than Fortnite. And Roblox. And GTA V. That’s according to a recent interview between Mojang studio head Helen Chiang and Business Insider, in which Chiang claims 112 million users are logging in each month. That’s over 1% of the world’s population, and an impressive percentage of the total units sold, which was 176 million back in May (if Minecraft more
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Universal Studios is opening its official Nintendo theme park in Osaka, Japan next Spring. CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts Tom Williams made the announcement during Comcast’s 2019 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, Attraction Magazine reports. The news comes nearly five years following initial reports of Nintendo’s partnership with the theme park behemoth. Starting on more
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Three classic Dragon Quest titles are headed to Nintendo Switch later this month. Starting September 27, Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luinaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation – three retro releases that originally launched in 1986, 1987, and 1988, respectively – are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix made the announcement earlier today.
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Super Smash Bros. had crossover characters before the latest installment, Ultimate, but thanks to the game’s DLC, which has been exclusively third party characters, it’s turned the franchise into a gaming crossover in general. Because of that, there’s been a lot of out there hopes and requests for fighters. One of the oddest ones has been characters that didn’t originate in video games. more
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