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Today, not one, but two free new demos released on Nintendo Switch, both courtesy of Capcom and Resident Evil. The first is Resident Evil 6, the second best-selling game in the series. And the second is Resident Evil 5, the best-selling game in the survival-horror franchise. As you may know, Resident Evil 4 and 2 are widely considered the best in the series, however, Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the more
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As previously reported, Haunted Hallows makes its way back to Rocket League this month, and now we’ve received more precise details surrounding the upcoming seasonal event. Haunted Hallows this year will be bringing Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things to the game with items themed after popular references to the show. These items require players to earn them by playing matches which will, more
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Night School Studio is prepping for the launch of its next game Afterparty later this month. However, its first game Oxenfree has hit a new milestone. Studio founder and co-creative director Sean Merkel confirmed on Twitter that it had sold over one million copies. Furthermore, the game’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass has helped its install base. Counting Game Pass and giveaways together, the more
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People sure aren't happy about how similar upcoming indie title Enchanted Portals looks to Cuphead. Xixo Games Studio, the developer behind a new indie game called Enchanted Portals, is getting a ton of heat right now. The small studio released a trailer for Enchanted Portals yesterday and people really don’t like how similar it looks to Studio MDHR’s Cuphead. The trailer starts off more
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After the disastrous Wii U, the Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo, and it’s a console that’s sold well across the world. For instance, Nintendo of Europe recently announced via their official Twitter page that the Switch family has now sold more than 10 million units in Europe. At last count, the Switch’s worldwide sales were at nearly 37 million, so this makes up for a big more
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Just when you think you’ve seen everything in Minecraft, there’s this. Hedgey, who has chosen this project as his very first YouTube upload, has completed Minecraft – defeating the Ender Dragon at the game’s conclusion – without mining a single block. The video, embedded below, is a sort-of highlight reel of what must have been a very long process. There’s some luck involved more
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A group of professional Fortnite players have come together to form the Fortnite Professional Players Association. The Fortnite association is an independent collective of professional Fortniters whose aim is to open a dialogue with Fortnite developer Epic Games about the future of the competitive scene. The FNPPA laid down its manifesto this month over Twitter. The collective, the more
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Breaking speedrun records takes a lot of work, as runners spend a lot of their free time trying to get that one perfect run. As such, it takes quite some time for someone to actually break a world record, let alone two. However, one speedrunner has done just that, breaking two Super Mario 64 speedrun world records on the same day. On October 2, speedrunner Dowksy broke not just one but two more
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The Xbox One may be considerably more powerful than the Nintendo Switch, but a former Xbox One exclusive actually runs better on the Nintendo console. More specifically, critically-acclaimed 2015 game Ori and the Blind Forrest, which Xbox published, recent came to the Nintendo Switch, ending its time as an Xbox One console exclusive. That said, if you're looking to play the metroidvania game on more
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We recently reported on how players have taken issue with how Epic implemented Fortnite cross-platform Play. Players basically did not like being unable to opt out of cross-platform when using Fortnite‘s New skill-based matchmaking feature. Now, epic has finally responded to the community’s outrage. In a recent blog post, Epic Games explained why it implemented cross-platform play with the more
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