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Today, Nintendo and Game Freak released a brand-new Pokemon Sword and Shield commercial that blends gameplay footage, live-action, and CGI into a 30-second look at the game, featuring the three starters and gigantamax Charizard. As is customary with commercials, nothing salient is really divulged. It's simply designed to induce hype and make you want to buy the game. And in that sense, it's a more
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No, the Nintendo 3DS is not dead. At least, that’s what current Nintendo president Doug Bowser has to say about the handheld system. While the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have been undeniably popular, a growing number of fans are likely concerned about the fate of the company’s other handheld.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the highest selling fighting game of all time – continues to march onward relentlessly. Yesterday, Nintendo released the fourth character in the game’s DLC pipeline, as Terry Bogard of SNK’s Fatal Fury fame joined the ever-expanding roster. To go along with that, as always, a new version update was also released, and full patch notes for it have been detailed more
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Nintendo has announced the latest sales total for the Switch in Japan and it's very impressive given the size of the country. Just a few weeks back, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch had now sold over 15 million units in the region of North America alone. Today, it was revealed just how well the platform has done in Nintendo’s home country of Japan. Japan has now seen over 10 more
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Mortal Kombat 11 -- via the PlayStation Store -- has revealed our best look at Sindel yet, the game's upcoming DLC character that's releasing later this month. More specifically, the PlayStation Store momentarily had a listing up for the character, which not only revealed a great look at the former Edenian queen, but a brief description of the fighter. Further, the listing has confirmed Kombat more
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With the recent success of the Switch Lite, Nintendo 3DS franchises might be making their way to the console. The Nintendo Switch Lite has already grown to become a success. That success might mean that Nintendo will bring over some 3DS franchises to the console sometime in the near future. Per Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal tech reporter, Nintendos president, Shuntaro Furukawa, more
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Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a massive success after the flop that was the Wii U. While it hasn’t matched the success of the Wii or PS4, it may very well be on its way to doing so. Today, Nintendo released its financial results for the second quarter of this fiscal year, and as such the sales numbers for the company’s systems and games were updated. Through this, we learned that more
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Blizzard sent over a rather large batch of Overwatch 2 screenshots, and we thought we’d share. Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 today at BlizzCon 2019. While a date wasn’t provided, we do know it’s at least in the works. Along with new heroes, players can expect to play on maps located in Rio and Toronto. A new game mode called Push was announced along with Hero Missions. All more
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How long will Pokemon Sword and Shield be? Well, according to Game Freak, the Nintendo Switch exclusive titles will be roughly as long as previous games in the series and include a similar amount of content. In other words, if you want to mainline the games, it will take you about 30 hours. Meanwhile, the average playthrough will be roughly 50 hours. And lastly, if you're a completionist, you more
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A new development diary on Minecraft Dungeons has dropped an interesting tidbit on the game’s development process. The upcoming Minecraft Dungeons, which is due next year and looks pretty interesting, is the second major Minecraft spin-off after Telltale’s Story Mode seasons. It’s coming to Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Switch, but it actually started life as a project for the 3DS. This bit more
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