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Nintendo has identified the website responsible for last fall's Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks and has announced that it will no longer worker with the site moving forward. Last November, a number of new Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield were leaked onto Twitter and 4chan from an anonymous user. Given the timing of the leaks, it seemed likely that they came from a reviewer who was sent the more
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Dragon Ball FighterZ today revealed a good chunk of its Season 3 DLC content with a new trailer once again confirming Ultra Instinct Goku. Not content to simply rest on its laurels, however, by showing off gameplay for the already revealed fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ revealed that Kefla, the powerful combined Saiyan form of Kale and Caulifla, will actually join the game first. The trailer more
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While there's something inherently exciting about a new console generation, there's also no question that each new system represents an investment for gamers. Consoles costs hundreds of dollars, and no one wants to purchase a system only to find out shortly after that it that won't see long term support. Nintendo Switch fans can apparently rest easy in that regard, as the company plans for their more
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Cyberpunk 2077 is not only going to be one of the most ambitious and technically demanding games released this year, but of the entire generation. It's shocking to think the ol' PS4 and Xbox One will be able to even run the game. That said, despite the massive resource demands of the title, Polish developer CD Projekt Red isn't entirely writing off a Nintendo Switch port. As you may know, CD more
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A lot of people were hungry for an old school RPG in the style of Fallout, and if you need any proof of that just look to The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division seems to have hit a home run with the sci-fi game, and the sales are backing them up. On their most recent financial results call, Take-Two Interactive (who is the parent company of publisher Private Division) more
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Over the past couple weeks, there's been rumors, reports, and "leaks" about new Nintendo Directs. Everyone and their sister's brother's sister's son has a scoop about when the next Nintendo Direct is, but up until now, none of these scoops have been that credible. That said, according to industry insider and journalist Sabi -- one of the most trusted sources in the business, especially when it more
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To risk the potential spread of the coronavirus outbreak, Nintendo has issued an apology for delaying the production and shipping of products for Japan. Update: As reported by Kotaku, pre-orders for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch console has been postponed. The pre-orders have now been moved from February 8 and listed as TBA. Nintendo has issued a public apology to more
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Speedrunner Lozoots managed to beat Ocarina of Time in under 10 minutes. The Legend of Zelda is a beloved series for so many reasons. People love the characters and the grand sense of adventure that comes from playing a Zelda game. Some like to beat guardians with a pot lid. Others like to beat the games as fast as possible and skip past all that boring stuff. Lozoots is one of those more
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After much teasing, leaks, and so on, it is officially official: Fortnite has announced two distinct Harley Quinn skins for the popular video game. As one might imagine, the two skins appear to be based on the appearance of Harley Quinn from the movies Suicide Squad and the upcoming Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), as portrayed by Margot Robbie. More more
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Saints Row 4: Re-elected has been officially announced for Switch, after various leaks by retailers. Deep Silver has confirmed Saints Row 4: Re-Elected will be released on March 27 for Switch. The game will be released with “25 additional enhancements,” and those who pre-order at retail will receive a Presidential Pin Badge Set. Below is a breakdown of the story and features in case more
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