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It looks like the mighty Minecraft had a pretty sizzling August, becoming the second best-selling videogame of the month. That’s according to American market research organisation, the NPD Group, which has released some market highlights for August 2019. With a current ranking of 13th best-selling game of this year so far, the NPD says its performance this August gave it an “all-time high more
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A new chapter in the Mario Kart series is coming out this month with another trailer for the upcoming game out this week ahead of Mario Kart Tour’s release. The newest trailer shows a blending of the real world and some of the most recognizable characters from the Super Mario games as a team of Toads work together to build the Tokyo course. The game is scheduled to release on mobile platforms more
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This year The Game Awards will take place on December 12 and be livestreamed across 45 different streaming services. Geoff Keighley’s annual trailer reveal and backslapfest is in its fifth year, with the big man himself joined on stage by his creative development buddies. We’re pretty sure he’ll save a spot for Kojima. “This year’s show will celebrate the act of creation, as I more
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Epic Games has seemingly been trying to get things back on track with Fortnite as of late. Season X has seen some of the biggest names on the likes of Twitch and Mixer start playing other titles instead of the popular Battle Royale game. Plus, the release of WoW Classic didn't exactly help matters. That said, the devs have still been chugging along on updates for the game, implementing new more
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Another ROM site has fallen victim to Nintendo’s legal department. A lawsuit filed by the company yesterday accuses of “brazen and mass scale infringement of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.” The lawsuit (via Polygon), states that ROMUniverse “is among the most visited and notorious online hubs for pirated Nintendo video games,” allowing users to download more
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The latest firmware update for Nintendo Switch adds some small new features, though some are a bit vague on how they work. Another Nintendo Switch update, another series of minor additions. Coming out of a big Nintendo Direct that added SNES games to the Nintendo Switch Online service, nothing from this update is as monumental. That isn’t to say that the update is a total bore, with a few more
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Nintendo appears to be making a greater push into virtual reality. An application for what looks to be a Nintendo Switch VR device was spotted today by Dutch gaming website LetsGoDigital. Nintendo applied for the patent in February 2018; however, it was only published August 22 of this year. The Nintendo Switch virtual reality headset – or as it’s described in the application, a “3D more
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will release for Android, iOS, Switch, and PS4 on January 23, 2020. Ahead of the Tokyo Games Show starting this week, the Final Fantasy team has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Crystal Chronicles Remaster. The trailer shows off a number of new things coming to the game and, most importantly, reveals the release date. Check it out below.
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Pokemon Sword and Shield may be getting an auto-save feature, a first in the franchise. No more double saving to make sure you saved. Earlier last week during the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo released a brand new trailer for the upcoming title Pokemon Sword and Shield, which showed off four features of the game. But there seems to be a hidden fifth feature that hasn’t been officially mentioned more
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Nintendo has filed a patent for some weird looking Joy-Cons that have a hinge on the top of them that can bend up and down. First things first, Nintendo and other gaming companies file patents all of the time. There are plenty we don’t see as well as plenty we do see but won’t make it to an official product. So, don’t take this patent featuring a hinged Joy-Con controller as a product more
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