September 25th marks the 10-year anniversary of Halo 3‘s release on Xbox 360. To celebrate, 343 Industries has released a TL;DR blog post, but within that blog post was one truly interesting kernel of information. It turns out that Halo 3 (which, as we just mentioned, is 10 years old) might be getting some new content in the near future. While describing the process of recently bringing more
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Today, developer Bungie and publisher Activision released a brand new patch for their game Destiny 2. The patch, which is numbered 1.0.3, most notably adds Faction Rallies into the game, a feature that players have been anticipating since it’s reveal last week. This means that players will now be able to pledge their loyalty to one of three in-game factions: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and more
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The countdown to Call of Duty: WWII continues and while players on console will have to wait till November 3 when the full game releases, PC players will have a chance to get in on the Beta this weekend. To be sure that players are ready to experience the game on Friday, Activision has begun the pre-load procedure on Steam. The download requires 25 gigabytes of storage space and is available more
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We’re just a few days away from the release of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo’s micro-sized tribute to its classic 16-bit console, which will include a number of old-school favorites like Super Mario World, Super Metroid and the never-released Star Fox 2. With that, some people are concerned that they still won’t be able to get their hands on one, despite the fact that Nintendo has more
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Minecraft is turning out to be quite a smart investment for Microsoft but many don’t know that the company had the chance to buy the game before 2014. In Microsoft boss Satya Nadella’s new book called Hit Refresh, the executive said that they could’ve bought the game before then but it didn’t happen. While Nadella didn’t provide further details, he did say that they initially passed on more
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Recently, the incredibly popular multiplayer shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds set the record for most concurrent users on Steam, breaking the streak of the Valve-developed game, Dota 2. At the time, the Early Access title hit 1,342,857 players, while the MOBA reached 1,295,114. Well, it seems that count is still climbing and has now reached 1,523,179 million concurrent users. To get a more
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The Xbox Live Free Games with Gold haven't been revealed for October yet, but Xbox runs a pretty leaky ship. The Xbox Live Games With Gold always seem to leak a few days before they're officially revealed, and generally, the leaks turn out to be accurate. This month especially we're hoping this leak turns out to be true, because next month's lineup is looking pretty stacked! Let's take a look at more
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As we wait for the PC open beta to begin, here are some freshly, new decomposed images for Call of Duty: WWII ‘s Zombies mode. The images come from Sledgehammer studio boss, Glen Schofield as he took to Twitter early today, while jokingly stating that he’ll get fired for these. As we’ve seen in the reveal trailer, the Zombies this time around appear to be far more dangerous based solely more
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When Killer Instinct first launched on the Xbox in 2013, it ran in just 720p. The resolution was later bumped up to 900p, but it was still less than satisfactory for the flagship fighter of a brand new console, and only served to reinforce the perception that the Xbox One had weak hardware in the minds of many. With the upcoming Xbox One X, Microsoft has addressed the hardware shortcomings of more
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While we were only able to try out one map for War mode in the beta, I assume we’ll see more maps available for it come launch. Well, it seems we can include post-launch to that equation, too! In a video interview with Jagat Review, Sledgehammer Games’ Scott Whitney confirmed this when he was asked how Sledgehammer will “expand” War mode. Of course, this isn’t really all that more
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