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Hi i was wondering if anyone could recommend me to a UK Seller for Jtags.

It'll be my first time purchasing one as me and few friends would like to have a mess around on the bo2 cod wirh some mods.
-I'm looking for a cheap console really and if possible pre loaded with menus and games? As i currently don't have access to a computer/laptop.
-Also i heads that some xbox's you need a wired connection but i'd need one with built in wifi? sorry for all questions i'm just trying to do some research. Any help would be much appreciated
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There is people that will just ship to the UK, but you will have to pay extra. Don't believe there is any UK based shops active.

As to preloaded games such as BO2, it essentially is a form of piracy and isn't allowed to be sold on the website. I personally would suggest not getting a console if you have no access to a computer.

Phat xboxs you need a wireless adapter. Slim consoles, the wireless adapter is built into it.
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Hey I would highly recommend apollo3841

Here is a link to his shop ----> [UK] Homebrew Consoles & Accessories 17559 [FREE DELIVERY]
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I've replied to your message, sorry for the late reply
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Dont recommend buying one without a laptop or Desktop. Will be incredibly limited
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I ship world wide also if you need any help let me know

Links to help you with downloads and more I will update a few things in here to help recently
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cheap console with free uk delivery

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