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New Dashboard: 2.0.17559.0 - RELEASED!
Download - UPDATED!

Welcome To The World Modding Topic, You can expect to find everything that you could possibly ever need to proceed in the modding community. You will have the ability to search through a huge amount of information which has been hand picked and put together by the best Modders in the scene.

What can you expect to find in this topic?

    PS3 Jailbreak
    Console Updates ( Dashboards -Major News )
    Full Modding Support From The Best
    Servers ( Offline Files ONLY! )
    Modding Files ( Patches, Menus, Tools, etc )

clingy and Rodent_Modz
Will do our best to ensure that your-self and many others are receiving the BEST and only UPDATED content.

We hope this Topic helps you

If any of the following "Fixes - Tutorials - Downloads" Helped you out then please let us know below. We will continue to contribute to this Post to ensure everyone has the most up to date information.

JTAG/RGH Error's & Fixes

Freezing/Pixelated(Checkerboard) Screens
While Booting:
If it's RGH1 the pll_bypass (green CR wire) may need re-soldered
If you recently flashed the console recently obviously you need to reflash
Make sure your Xbox logo is pulsing, if it is that means it's loading (plugins can cause this)
Unplug the hard drive and try to boot, if this works then remove whatever was recently added/changed
that part
just add ( have a profession to do it )

During Console Use:
If it is freezing after not too much use (less than an hour or two) then shut off and let the console cooldown and next time you boot up let it run on xex menu looking at your temperatures, check back every now and then until it freezes, remember the temperatures it says on the screen (maybe take a pic), repeat the process, if the issue re-occurs see about changing your fan speeds/heatsink tightening/professional reflow/thermal paste replacement. If using mods you might be on the wrong title update (Title Updates at The bottom of the post) or your not using them at the right time or they don't work in general.
Pixelated/Checkerboard screens are another form of GPU failure it needs the old thermalpaste/heatsink/reflow/reball fix (Again unless you have the knowledge your-self please contact a professional don't risk it)

Fatal Crashes
If trying to run mods, stop. You are most likely on a non-matching title update for which these mods where made for.
Recently installed something and this is happening? Uninstall it, most likely need to try a re-transfer or your putting it somewhere its not supposed to be. This applies to when XeX Menu won't start also.

Black Screen/Not Booting Up
If your console is an RGH, check for a pulse light (a small led will blink roughly every 5 seconds inside the back of the console on top of the AV port in phats or under the DVD drive in slims) if this is blinking this is good it is still trying to boot! If it has been a half hour and still it hasn't booted but light is blinking try removing the hard drive (maybe corrupt files)
Make sure you have a video cable plugged in and your TV on the right input!

Did the ring of light on the power button cycle like it always does when it turns on but nothing came on the screen? Your GPU may need a professional reflow/xclamp fix.
Try another AV Cable or HDMI cable, if HDMI cables aren't working try switching to AV and vice versa if AV isn't working. Also make sure you change the TV input!.

Red Ring(s) of Death:
Red Ring of death has dozens of causes! Google the error code on the screen, but wait what if you don't have anything on the screen? No worries there has been a red ring of death database created for almost all of them!

All you have to do is startup your xbox and wait for the red rings to come on, then hold the controller sync button and click the eject button, (the rings will start flashing faster) and count how many red rings are showing. Keep holding the sync button and each time you hit eject it will give you the next number, after you get the 4 digits it will return back to the original red ring(s) of death. The combination it gave is the "secondary error code".

1 Red Ring=1
2 Red Ring=2
3 Red Ring=3
4 Red Ring=0

Say I hold the controller sync button and click the eject button and get a 4, then again and i get a 1, then again and i get a 1, then again and i get a 4. Then my secondary error code is 0110 and if i go to the right google link i will see that my Ram Bricks need reflown/reballed.

Christmas Lights
Merry Christmas you most likely flashed a bad KV! Possibly also the wrong KV type. If you have the skills you can hard-solder an spi programmer and flash back the NAND, if your knew at this your best off paying a professional, because you don't want to run the risk of breaking your console by doing this your-self (Unless you have the knowledge).

Can't Connect to Xbox Live
You need what's Called Xbox Live Stealth (the official service is gone it is now down to yourself to choose a Stealth Server that you think suits your needs. ( i recommend NINJA, they can be pricey but have great reviews and an all round good service).
If you have this service but still can't connect make sure you gave them the correct cpu key and have your plugins set correctly and your launch.ini configured correctly
Make sure your connected to your network
Make sure you have an unbanned KV.bin and the CPUKey.bin for it on the root of your hdd

JTAG/RGH Tutorials | Setting Up Your First JTAG/RGH ( Noob Friendly )
Any downloads that you may require from any of the videos below should be in the DOWNLOADS section of this POST

How To Identify Your Consoles Motherboard Type

Installing XeXMenu 1.2

Installing Dashlaunch

How To Setup XBLSE (Xbox Live Stealth Emulated)

Downloading & Installing Games

Downloading and Unlocking Arcade & Indie Games

Setting Up FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Installing FreeStyleDash v3

Installing Title Updates, Skins and Covers FSD v3

Downloading and Installing DLC

Updating To The Latest Dashboard (17489)

Installing Emulators (Snes360 - Mame360)

Setting Up Link (Allows you to connect to other JTAG/RGH users around the world - Mini Xbox Live Server Basically)

Installing Call Of Duty Mods (MW2)

Setting Up JTAG to Retail Infections

Editing a MW2 DLL (Menu/Infections)

Installing Xbox360 Neighborhood

How To Change a KV (Key Vault)

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Menus - Patches - Tools - Infections

Grand Theft Auto V - TU27 ONLY!


TheDonBro - Recovery Menu

XeSerenity Menu

Coolockboss GTA Menu

EliteMods Menu



Pandora 2.5

SkyAcro v5.5



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Paladin Menu

illegal Activity 1.0

Pandora 2.6

Zenlye 2.2

Paladin v1.5

Pandora v2.7

SkyAcro v6 Cracked

BOSS Modding Menu


Supernatural Menu

Pandora 2.8 Beta Cracked

Revolution Remastered

SkyAcro v6.5


Cash Dropper Menu

The Pit Recovery Menu

Havoc Public Menu

Creeper Beta

Kahn Menu Cracked

Saymtex Menu Crack

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Riptide Updated

Enforcer Cracked


Programs - Themes - Dashboard Updates - Game Title Updates

JTAG/RGH - Freestyle Dash - Dashlaunch - Aurora - Themes

Xbox360 Neighborhood

XexMenu 1.2

DashLaunch 3.17

SmartFTP - FileZilla

FreeStyleDash v3

xeBuild 1.19(Dash 17526)

KeyVault Validator

DLL Decrypter


Aurora 0.5b

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J-Runner v3

Game Title Updates
Grand Theft Auto V (TU 27 - 1/31/2016)

Modern Warfare 2 (TU 8 - 1/31/2016)

Modern Warfare 3 (TU 23 - 1/31/2016)

Call Of Duty 4 (TU 4 - 1/31/2016)

Black Ops 2 (TU 18 - 1/31/2016)

Black Ops 1 (TU 10 - 1/31/2016)

Black Ops 3 (TU 8 - 1/31/2016)

Dashboard Updates
Latest Dashboard Version: 2.0.17526.0
Last Checked: 7/13/2018

Minor bug fixes and improvements

New or updated features

Accept Terms of Use

You can now connect your Xbox 360 to a network that requires a Terms of Use acceptance. After first connecting you will be prompted to test your Xbox Live Connection. Your suggestion will direct you to use Internet Explorer to login to the network. You must have the latest update of Internet Explorer first.

Activity Feed
Like, comment, and share your friends activities, post new messages, watch game clips, view screenshots, and see what your friends are playing from your Xbox 360. You can get to Activity Feed from the social twist.

See what your friends are doing on Xbox One or Windows
By popular demand you can now see what your friends are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 from your Xbox 360.

Microsoft Movies & TV and Groove Music
You can now access your movie and TV collection from Microsoft Movies & TV (was Xbox Video) and your Music in Groove Music (was Xbox Music).

See your money
Your Microsoft account balance will now be shown when you are looking at the details of a game or when browsing the marketplace.

Redeem Codes from messages
When you receive an Xbox Live Marketplace code in a message you will now be able to redeem that code by simply pressing Redeem Code.

- Downloads -
XeBuild 17526


-Abyss- and Rodent_Modz will continue to UPDATE the content in this post to ensure that you all have the most up to date Mods - DashBoards - Programs - XRPC's - Etc. We hope that everything helped you out!.

If you see anything that we missed out or could add to this post please feel free to send us a PM!


Any Patches that you may have (Must be up to date for the game) would be helpful! PM the link to me and you must make sure that you include a Virus check.

Some of the best members for tech support I am sure there are more. but if you post here and these guys reply your in good hands do not pm them unless they ask you to there time is valuable just as much as yours is! These people are:









The Only Allowed Trusted KV Sellers

Looking For all of the latest and constantly "Updated" Mods for almost all the Popular games? Check out Scott's Post link below
Scott's - MENU's - TOOL's - XNotify - Etc

More Will Be Added as updates come

Any member willing to help with this thread contact me by PM and you will be added to the list Thank you all for those who help members with jtag/and rgh console needs

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Loving the amount of menus. This will definitely be a help when i get my rgh back on.
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Lets hope this helps out alot of people

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Excellent work as always.
This will help those searching for files.
Nope this is amazing
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Great post aslways Rodent, helping the community like you always do a lot of helpful and handy information in here, great for people who're looking for something our simply starting to mod!

Thanks & rep added <3
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Didn't Strokes use to run a similar thread?

Nice to see you taking over it man.
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