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I do not have any other form of contact method other than
To order you will need to send me a Private message
(Click here to private message)

Dependent on which time you order there is a possibility of it being dispatched the very same working day with our fast & free uk delivery service.
Ireland costs 15 pounds, shipping worldwide also is available but please contact me first with your full address to discuss quotes
FREE L.E.D Rol mod of your choice with any console you purchase!
Colours that are Available: Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Green, Yellow

All consoles available are in a good acceptable condition, some may have the odd mark or missing usb flap but other than that nothing major. Overall a good working console that will last years! none of our consoles have any history of rrod or any other error codes. We only use official team xecuter products, this is to achieve the best performance for each specific console for the fastest boot time.

All consoles are on the latest dashboard kernal 17559 and are fully un-banned from xbox live but do require third party software to connect online. All consoles are supplied with a copy of cpu/dvd key & original nand files. Accessories not included and are to be purchased as extras.

All consoles come with 60 days free warranty that covers delivery damage or any hardware failure, If you Incorrectly installed software this is not covered but don't worry we can most likely fix any issues you have through message support. You can add extra warranty to your console if preferred, we offer 12 months warranty for 30 pounds or you can add 36 months warranty for 55 pounds.

# Microsoft XBOX 360 Phat HDMI units

  • Falcon RGH/JTAG: 80 Pound
  • Jasper RGH/JTAG: 90 Pound
  • Big Block Jasper RGH/JTAG: 100 Pound

# Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim HDMI Units

  • Trinity RGH/JTAG: 120 Pound
  • Corona RGH/JTAG: 120 Pound
Do you need Accessories or would you like to add any extra Modifications to your console ?
If you cannot find what your looking for or would like to combine mods to build a bespoke package then please contact me!

I do NOT and will NOT install games or mod menus for anyone, however any size hard drive you select with your console will come with a couple of things to get you started such as XeX menu 1.2, Freestyle dashboard, Latest dash launch and JasperModsXBL along with a few other plugins your need to use with xboxneighborhood. JasperMods is a Stealth Server which will allow your console to connect to xbox live, this comes with exclusive discount which is not available elsewhere this is also including lifetime connection


  • 20GB HDD : 10 Pound
  • 60GB HDD : 15 Pound
  • 120GB HDD : 20 Pound
  • 250GB HDD : 35 Pound
  • 320GB HDD : 40 Pound
  • 500GB HDD : 50 Pound


  • Power brick & lead : 20 Pound
  • Plug and play charge kit : 15 Pound
  • Wired xbox 360 controller : 15 Pound
  • Wireless xbox 360 controller : 20 Pound
  • xbox 360 phat wifi adaptor : 25 Pound
  • GOLD headed HDMI Cable : 10 Pound
  • Original AV Component Cable : 5 Pound
  • XeX Menu 1.2 written on disc : 1 Pound


  • RF Module L.E.D mod : (FREE)
  • Internal L.E.D mod : 10 Pound
  • Whisper L.E.D Fan : 20 Pound
  • Sonus 360 sound mod : 20 Pound
  • Custom case window Cut/mod : 15 Pound
[Send in Services] - I offer a full range of mods, hacks and repairs to your own personal XBOX 360 PHAT or SLIM console
All prices are with uk delivery included, you only pay delivery to me

We can JTAG your own console if the dashboard is 2.0.7371 or previous kernel, regardless if the console is hdmi or av.
However if your dashboard does not meet the JTAG requirements then we can perform another service for you.

  • JTAG install (non-HDMI) : 40 Pound
  • JTAG install (HDMI) : 40 Pound

RGH "Rest Glitch Hack" This service can be performed on your phat or slim HDMI console being on dashboard kernel above 2.0.7371 up until the latest 2.0.17559.0.
We only use official team xecuter products as previously mentioned to achieve the best performance for your console boot times.

  • RGH Phat install : 50 Pound
  • RGH Slim install : 50 Pound

We repair any fault you may have with your homebrew XBOX360 console from anything to being a 1.2 upgrade if you console was previously modified elsewhere and isn't performing correctly or bricked due to incorrect update or kv flash. We dont however fix or flash any drives.

  • Bad Flash Fix : 25 Pound
  • System update : 15 Pound
  • RGH 1.2 Update : 25 Pound
  • Software Errors : 25 Pound
  • E?? ERRORS : 40 Pound
  • Console banned : 5 Pound

Here is a chart to identify what type of xbox360 you have.

Earn yourself cash back or FREE 1 month of premium for making a review video
Simply by posting it on youtube and sending me the link to your video!

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1000% Vouch have worked alongside Apollo for a long time now. One of the most trustworthy UK sellers I know. You will not be disappointed.
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Vouch for this guy! Always willing to help out and giving out to the community
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Seen you around even sent you some customers in the past good luck with sales
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TehLewy wroteWhere abouts in the uk are you?

London, Kent but I do not accept local collections or drop of due to my busy schedule, I prefer to send items by postal service! thank you.
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Sent you some customers so many Uk buyers wish i could do shipping cheaper i would take over lol
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how much for a rgh trinity 500gb leads loaded ready to play no menus on it
LED's with remote with all colours
and see through casing
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Hey could you reply to me asap! I bought a Falcon and it's already not working, It says 'Fatal Crash Intercepted' everytime i try to launch Xex menu. I've only had the console 1 day
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Try to reinstall xexmenu. That will fix the problem.

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MrHaxor316 wroteTry to reinstall xexmenu. That will fix the problem.

I've already tried that it still isn't working
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