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I don't drink alcohol, haven't really for about 3/4 years now other than on special occasions.

I used to drink Vodka+Irn Bru mainly when I did drink a lot more. Or MD2020/Strongbow as a back up.
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Jack Daniels
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Jack Daniel's and coke, or vodka and redbull.
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Pink Gin & 7Up
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deep eddy lemon vodka with raspberry juice.
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ttghanman wroteMy favorite goto on a night out is probably Vodka with Coke.
Honourable mention
Buckfast is a nice wine bit more tolerable for some if you mix it with fanta orange.
I also like
Echo falls is a nice cheap wine.
Corona with a lime is my favorite beer.
Kopparberg is my favorite cider.

Tffffff haven't heard of Fanta in my tonic

Morgan's and coke for me
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*ahem* myyyyyyyyyy kind of topic since I'm easily going to have liver failure before I'm 30 from my drinking lol

Anyways, straight vodka of Hammer and Sickle and Stolichnaya are my absolute favourites for just sipping....inhaling on the bottle through the day while gaming that I've slowly but surely started replacing as my water intake since I use an extremely flawed logic that "well if it's 60% alcohol, then it's 40% water so is good enough for my water intake,) even though I know that logic is flawed and a lie and I just tell myself that it's okay.

Now my favourite alcohol if I just want to feel like absolute shit the next day and play borderline Russian Roulette with my health based off how I drink -- is Balkan 176. This shit is brutal, it's 88% alcohol, but it has such a smooth taste like the Hammer and Sickle vodka, that you kinda misjudge it and think you can take more since it's not an instant burn on your throat. It's not a creeper or anything, you just misjudge it from the taste, you think it's your standard, Grey Goose, Russian Standard or whatever, but wayyyyyyy smoother and just with double or a little more than double the alcohol percent than those brands. I first tried it when I visited Ukraine at a bar 2 years back and no joke, they made me sign a wavier saying my family and I can't sue them if I just kill over from drinking it because the bottle literally has 13 health warnings on it. First time trying it, I was not okay. I misjudged it based on taste and texture, thought it was over hyped, drank 5 more shots and nah, my body said no more and went on a mission to shut that shit down. Throwing up violently, just thick snot rockets coming from my nose and then just stretchy sticky saliva from my mouth, that I'm assuming was phlegm. Throat, stomach and ass were just on fire and I really couldn't open my eyes for much time without them just searing in pain from the tears. I've gotten better with it over the years, but the hangovers from it as very brutal at times and kinda forces you to "put off the hangover" by drinking more and more to take it away slowly over time. Worth it tho if you're up for a little adventure.

As for mixing, I usually stick with screwdrivers. While I'm not too fond of soda much anymore, I will mix Rum and Coke together at times when I'm feeling it. I've started adventuring more into trying Bloody Marys more and more since tomato juice and lemon juice are pretty dope as is. I tried making a White Daiquiri a few days ago and it was meh, I messed something up for sure. Other than that, I really don't mix, unless it's mixing alcohol together.

Can't drink beer or white wine, the aftertaste in those is absolutely dreadful to me. The only beer I've ever liked was Spatenbrau when I was in Germany but nothing else has really been enjoyable to me. Bacardi and Crown Royal - the one that tastes like Apple Juice - is an awesome combination, they don't fully compliment each other, but it's a nice after taste where the apple juice seems to linger a little longer.
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