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Henny & Redbull
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Vodka and Ribena
Shots of Piranha
Orchard thieves or Kopparberg for cider.
I drink Corona the odd time but it has to have Lime in it cant drink it straight doesnt taste nice imo.
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Moon shine last time i drank it i blacked out lol
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I'm a wine kind of guy so red, lots of reds!
I ocassionally have Jameson, or Evan Williams. On the rocks or straight. As for beer I enjoy Modelos with a slice of lime.
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My favorite drink would have to be Gibsons Finest whiskey, and for beer i'd say Miller Genuine Draft
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Fireball all the way
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Rum and Coke
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Redbull and vodka for special occasions.

Smirnoff red, and white, and berry for every day drinking lmao.
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Water , flavored water
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Detriment wroteWater , flavored water

Not sure what they're putting in your water but alright.

Unless you didn't read the topic.
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