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My favorite goto on a night out is probably Vodka with Coke.
Honourable mention
Buckfast is a nice wine bit more tolerable for some if you mix it with fanta orange.
I also like
Echo falls is a nice cheap wine.
Corona with a lime is my favorite beer.
Kopparberg is my favorite cider.
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I've been liking the jim bean apple with 7up or coke. Real smooth.
Michelob ultra is my beer choice
Not a big fan of wine. I'm liquor kind of guy.
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Captain And Coke Together
Hennessy And Hypnotic Together
Fireball And Coke Together
Green Apple Crown And Green Apple E&J
Sour Smirnoff
Straight Moonshine
Jack Daniels
And A Lot More
I Hate Beer
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whatever makes me black out
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Jim beam with coke
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Single barrel jack Daniels with dr. Pepper
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Dr. Mcgillicuddy's is my personal favorite but if I drink beer I like Blue Moon.
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Corona or champagne (the good shit not Prosecco, cava and all that cheap dry stuff) I'm talking french stuff bollinger Laurent-Perrier that stuff, or just shots of vodka.( Russian standard) but probably just Stella tbh need the wife beating juice
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