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  • Winter 2019
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gold pls lord
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  • V5 Launch
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i dont have any memories i remember lol but il take part good luck everybody
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Enter me in! Thanks for the offer up bud!
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I came here for call of duty boosting a while back. Then I found out about modding
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  • Winter 2019
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I'll enter please
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My best memory of the site would have to be when I was like 12 coming on here looking for modded lobbies on MW2 and GTA 5 lol. But I remember when I was still around the age of 12 running COD 4 infection lobbies of which I purchased an RGH here on the site from my mans Rodent Modz and I ran a shop which got pretty large for about a year or two when I was in high school.
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I would love to enter this thanks for this opportunity
My best memory on this site would have to be, me just analyzing the site as a kid and looking for waw and cod 4 infections lol
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IS this done?
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Bruh said he was giving the gifts yesterday lol. Idek. I know he ain't gift yet.
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Enter me in thanks for giving back
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