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My favourite memory on here lol was when I came here, being the noob as I was and begging people for Mod menus on MW2 lol
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I'll enter bro
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Idk if i entered but I'd like to enter thank you!
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Choosing winner at 12am pacific time

Also too I noticed, a very generous user gifted me gold to the person that did shoot me a message long as u got proof you the one actually gifted me I'll return the favour and gift back
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  • Christmas!
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mw2 days, then i started hosting cod 4 lobbies years ago... didn't charge, just wanted rep haha
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  • V5 Launch
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If this is still open, I'd love a chance.
Thanks for the opportunity goodluck to all!

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Id love to join thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone
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  • Winter 2018
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I'd like to enter!
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good luck everyone!
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My fav memory this last year has been making great friends Loke and 0livia.
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