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Hello everyone, since I've been on the site for a long time, this community has given so much to me, basically been there since the start.

So I wanna give back to the community how this will work
Comment post a comment, talking about any memories you've had on here(you don't have too just commenting will give u an entre but just want to know memories other users have had)

You've got 3 days to enter all you have to do is post a comment or memory and I will randomly pick a user

You can enter even if you have gold, if a gold winner does win they can either keep it or could donate gold to another use to give back just a thought:)

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Sounds like a good deed mate!
My memories would be joining back a few days ago I have missed so much
Posting to enter
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i would love to enter! thanks for this

a memory i have is way back in the day coming on here for cod4 mods & mw2
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I remember when I came here just for modded lobbies, but when I found all the other forums it really sparked my interest so I started posting.
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I remember i first joined because i used to mod and have an rgh, now im just here to browse other threads
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I'll enter thanks man
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Count me in! best of luck
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I'll enter man.
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Starting off looking for mods on cod 4 and mw2 now hosting myself
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ill enter
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