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Dragon's Crown (Save Set + Starter Save)

Download Name: Dragon's Crown (Save Set + Starter Save)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Note that's it's been a loooong time since I touched the game so unfortunately I don't exactly recall which save slot you have to load for particular trophy. Sorry about that folks.

- One of the saves is the best starter save! Start the game with max cash, 255 skill points as well as all six characters being on lv99. You'll be getting lv99 equipment straight off the bat, so you can shoot with stuff with up to 8 specs on it.

Upon loading the game, you can choose to load one of three data files (disregard Data 2 save, it has no value whatsoever).

1. Unfortunately upon checking on another account I confirmed you cannot get art collecting trophies by loading Data Data 1 of the save, and turning in the last quest. They have to be done individually, or perhaps by getting Museum Owner trophy.

2. On this particular data you have all nine talismans for the fight with Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty. Fight and defeat it with Selvaria to obtain "Scintillating Sorceress" trophy (you have a ton of highend equips, making it entirely possible to solo it).

3. If you manage to defeat Ancient Dragon within 2 minutes on Normal, you get "Vanquisher" trophy.

4. After you kill AD, your talismans for Normal difficulty are gone. You have to gather them again by killing route B bosses before certain events occur in those battles. However, don't do it with sorceress. It's a waste of time, do talisman collecting with one of other heroes on the data file.

5. Get arrested 10 more times in the town by sliding twice into the dude with apples for "Crime and Punishment" trophy.

6. Enter Lucain's or Morrigan's shop and buy all items they have for sale for "Oniomaniac" trophy.

7. Enter the chapel and put to rest one of your boney companions for "Merciful Fossor" trophy.

8. Purchase any blessing that you have to pay for to get "Devout Follower" trophy.

9. Complete any course without taking damage to get "Unsullied" trophy. Best to take three NPC companions with you and let them do all the killing. Just be careful of traps and stray enemies. If one of them gets KOed anyway, click on his/her name when it says continue and you'll get "Savior" trophy. If no KO happens, worry not, eventually one of them will croak. Hehe.

10. Enter Labyrinth of Chaos, level 9-1 and fight thru Demon Lord to get "Order to Chaos" trophy. Best bring some real pals to nail this guy - at lv100 he's no pushover.

11. Load Data 3, choose Selvaria. This data has all nine talismans for Inferno difficulty. Pwn Ancient Dragon for "Blazing Hero" trophy, and defeat it within 4 minutes to get "The Destroyer" trophy. Like with Demon Lord, soloing or playing with 3 NPCs can be a challenge. Get friends!

12. Load Data 1, and look at all other heroes from slots 2-7. They're all lv99, each with 255 skill points to distribute as you see fit. I've completed tutorial mission as well as visit to Ancient Temple for all of them, so that you don't have to meddle around with that. But alas, I did mess up a tiny bit. Create a new character for slot 8, complete tutorial for him/her, and slit Harpy's throat in Ancient Temple for "The Adventure Begins..." trophy.


Use those saves to obtain following trophies: "The Adventure Begins", "The Stolen Scepter", "Lucain's Bones", "Subterranean Subterfuge", "Disappearing Damsels", "Royal Orb", "Purify the Sanctuary", "Rune Stones", "Draconic Dissertations", "Savior", "Talisman" and "Crime and Punishment" trophies.

14. Now you have to collect 9 talismans to be able to fight Ancient Dragon. Go to any of the nine dungeons (I think Chaos Maze will also be on the map, but don't enter Chaos Maze!) and always choose B routes for bosses that drop talismans. Kill one such boss for Talisman trophy, and kill all nine for Talismaster trophy. Again, highend equips allow you to solo these guys easily, plus you have a lot of money to revive yourself if you get accidentally killed, and you can bring lv99 NPCs.

Addendum to bullet 14. - almost all route B bosses have to be defeated either speedily or within certain parameters, otherwise you don't get a talisman.
A) "Speed is of the essence" strategy on Kraken, Gargoyle's Gate, Killer Rabbit and Chimera. If you take too long, boss dies or you're ejected from battle. Sayonara talisman.
B) "Stay where you are" strategy on Medusa and Red Dragon. If you retreat to the right in Medusa's initial battle screen, you can then defeat her in the lair, but you're screwed for a talisman. Similar for Red Dragon, where fight starts in a room with lots of treasure and a confined space. You can unlock a door to the right which leads to a long corridor where you're continuously pushed to the right. Kill Red Dragon in the corridor before it pushes you outside, or talisman is void.
C) "Use the key" strategy for Cyclops. Pick up the key and put it in the keyhole next to the door. Not doing so voids the talisman.
D) "Run away from initial battle to get help" strategy for Wraith. When it first appears, it's incredibly resilient to damage. Hack thru the wall to the right, on next screen pick up a torch and light a candle on the statue. Wraith now becomes more susceptible to damage, but you still have to hurry up. You have five statues to burn thru before Wraith decides you're taking too long and doesn't give you a talisman.
E) I found no evident way of failing Arch Demon battle.

15. After pwning Ancient Dragon, you get "Fantastic Fighter", "Amazing Amazon", "Dazzling Dwarf", "Epic Elf", "Wondrous Wizard" trophies. Naturally, you have to beat AD with respective class, they don't simu-unlock.
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