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(PS3) - Resident Evil 5 GOLD EDITION Trophies and 9999 modded weapons

Download Name: (PS3) - Resident Evil 5 GOLD EDITION Trophies and 9999 modded weapons packs  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 1.82 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 3

Downloads: 236

Views: 5,060

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Item description:

Ok guys today l am bringing you 2 save sets for the PS3 Version of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. l have sorted the packs into 2 seperate rar files.

Pack 1 - The COMPLETE Collection of all 9999 Modded weapons.

9999 - M92F
9999 - HKP8 Handgun
9999 - Sig P226 Handgun
9999 - M93R Handgun
9999 - Ithaca Shotgun
9999 - M3 Shotgun
9999 - Jailbreaker Shotgun
9999 - Hydra Shotgun
9999 - VZ61 Machine Gun
9999 - MP5 Machine Gun
9999 - SIG556 Machine Gun
9999 - AK-74 Machine Gun
9999 - Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle
9999 - S75 Sniper Rifle
9999 - H&K PSG-1 Sniper Rifle
9999 - S&W M29 Magnum
9999 - S&W M500 Magnum
9999 - Lightning Hawk Magnum
9999 - Rocket Launcher

Infinite Grenade Launcher
ALL 4 types of Infinite Eggs
ALL 4 types of infinite Grenades

To be able to use the infinite Eggs and Grenades once you take the item out of your storage box and into your inventory you MUST sell the item ONCE to be able to use them in game.

Also maxed out Ammunition in the storage box aswell. so if you decide to buy and use regular unmodded weapons you have an endless supply of Ammo. for using the 9999 modded weapons they will ALWAYS be Infinite ammo and show as infinite ammo, even if you have Infinite ammo turned OFF they will always stay infinite.

Pack 2 is so the Trophies save set. if you want the trophies and dont care about the modded weapons use pack 2. in pack 2 you will be able to unlock the following Trophies

Recruit - Complete the game on Amatuer
Soldier - Complete the game on Normal
Veteran - Complete the game on Professional
War Hero - Complete the game on Professional
Egg Hunt - Find all 4 types of eggs
All Dressed up - purchase ALL costumes in Bonus Features
Stockpile - Obtain ALL Available Weapons
Take it to the MAX - Fully Upgrade all Weapons
They Belong in a Museum - Find ALL Treasures
Badge of Honor - Find ALL BSAA Emblems
They Are Action Figures - Collect ALL Figurines

You can ALSO Unlock every single other trophy not mentioned, you just have to do the work yourself to get those though.

(Vs Mode DLC Trophies)
Lets Get this party Started - Unlock ALL Vs Characters.

Now for the Story related trophies l have completed EVERY difficulty on EVERY Chapter except for the last level on Professional Mode. So to get the Recruit, Soldier, Veteran and Professional Mode Trophies all you have to do is complete the LAST LEVEL on Professional mode and all 4 of those trophies will pop.

For They belong in a Museum trophy l have collected all the treasures EXCEPT for the Topaz Marquise which can be found in chapter 1-1. soon as you jump out of the window in Chapter 1-1 you get confronted with a huge wave of zombies. DONT Run away and go through the door yet, instead hold your ground and kill them all. when you kill the last guy that comes in on the right he is holding a stick of dynamite. kill that guy and when he is dead he drops the Topaz Marquise Jewel. Pick that up and the They Belong in a Museum Trophy will pop.

For Badge of Honor, Find all 30 BSAA Emblems, l have collected the ALL except for the very last one on chapter 6-1. This one can be found inside the Ship. Soon as you go inside the Ship you go down a long downwards staircase. when you reach the bottom and go through the door you will have a cutscene with Excella. after that Cutscene is over look to the right on the roof. you will see a glass cabinet. inside that is the FINAL BSAA Emblem. Shoot that, and the Badge of Honour Trophy will pop.

For the Egg Hunt Trophy you need to find ALL 4 types of Eggs. l have already Collected 1 white, one Brown and 1 Gold. all you need to do is find ONE Rotten Egg. those can be randomly found onwards from Chapters 4-1 onwards. they get randomly dropped by enemies you kill. So just find a rotten egg, then drop it into your storage box with the other 3 eggs types that are already in there and the Egg Hunt Trophy will pop

For the All Dressed up Trophy you need to purchase ALL Costumes in Bonus Features. buying items in Bonus Features uses Exchange points you have earned by completing levels and depending on your end Rank, that determines how much points you will get at the end of each level. HOWEVER the Costumes dont cost any bonus points. you have to complete the game to unlock some and find ALL BSAA Emblems to unlock Sheva's Tribal Outfit. l have left ONE Emblem not collected on chapter 6-1, as l mentioned before. so go shoot that last Emblem, then the last costume (Sheva's Tribal Outfit) will be unlocked in Bonus features. select purchase for 0 Exchange Points and the All Dressed Up Trophy will pop.

Stockpile Obtain ALL Available Weapons. to get this trophy you need to have ALL the guns and ALL 4 types of Grenades and Chris's Gatling Gun, Sheva's LongBow and a Stunrod. l have ALREADY got all the weapons in the storage box. l also have the Gatling gun and the Longbow. So to get this trophy all you need to do is find one of every type of grenade. thats the normal one, the incendiary one, the flash one and a proximity mine. all of which are common. and also you need to buy a stun rod. but l have max money of 10 million dollars, so l dont think that would be a problem lol so just find those 4 types of grenades and buy a stun rod and the Stockpile Trophy will pop

For the Take it to the Max Trophy you need to FULLY Upgrade every single weapon thats able to be upgraded. l have already upgraded every weapon fully EXPECT for one. to get this Trophy all you need to do is purchase the FINAL 3 upgrades on the HKP8 Handgun. purchase the last 3 piercing upgrades for that gun and the Take it to the MAX Trophy will pop

For the They are action figures Trophy you have to buy ALL the figurines in Bonus Features using your exchange points. l have already gotten ALL of them except for the last 2. Toget the last 2 you need to have 30/30 BSAA Emblems. So go shoot the FINAL BSAA Emblem on chapter 6-1 inside the ship, then those last 2 action figures will be unlocked for purchase for 500 exchange points each. l already have more than enough exchange points left. so purchase those last 2 figurines, and the They are action figures trophy will pop

And to get ALL the other Trophies in the game, you can still earn those, you just have to do those tasks yourself to get them.

And for the DLC Vs Mode trophy Lets get this party Started you just have to use your bonus points in bonus features to unlock the final Vs Mode Character. l have already gotten them all EXCEPT for one of them. purchase that final one with the exchange points and that trophy will pop.

And that about does it. if you want the modded weapons and dont care about trophies use rar pack 1 for the complete collection of 9999 weapons and infinite Eggs and Grenades.

and if you dont want the modded weapons and just want the trophies use pack 2. every trophy can be earned using that save file. and those other trophies l specifically mentioned can be earned INSTANTLY using the methods l mentioned.

Note this is the EU PS3 Gold Edition. if you have a standard version l dont think this save will work for you. it will only work on Gold Editions of the game. Also Note you CANT just download someone elses game save file and whack it on a USB Stick and have it work on your PS3 System. doing that it will say this save Data belongs to another player. in this case ME. You need to RESIGN someones game save data to be able to use it as your own. if you dont know HOW to resign someones game save data, simply look up a turtorial on Youtube for PS3 Save Resigner. l personally use GameGenie. its NOT a free program though, but it is the best. but if you want the free alternative just use PS3 Save Resigner. and look up a tutorial on Youtube to find out how to use it.

Also note this is the EU Version. if you are outside the EU Region you need to not only Resign it but ALSO Re-Region it aswell. PS3 Save Resigner tutorial on Youtube will tell you how to do that aswell.

Thats it Enjoy, Happy Gaming
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ALSO Note my Save file is uploaded in RAR format. l use RAR because l resign my game save data through USB so using RAR or ZIP doesnt matter. HOWEVER if you download my save and try and import it directly to SaveWizard it will NOT work. because Importing DOES NOT work with RAR files.

So what you want to do is

1 - Download my file.
2 - Extract the contents to the desktop or something.
3 - RE - ZIP it back up using Winzip

NOW you can Import that Zip file directly to Save Wizard and it will work.


igor-melnk thnxxxxxxxxx thnxxxxxxxxx

No worries mate, glad to help enjoy


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