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PS3 Game Saves & Sets

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Description: You start on level 1 with MILLIONS of coins (9994339) and 25.0% level progress complete. This means that you can play...

Version: SLUS-20624

Filesize: 31.03 KB


Downloads: 1

Description: Saved Setups included.

Version: 1.0

Filesize: 1.58 MB


Downloads: 2

Description: Varios trofeus pra Uncharted 1 [PS3] 1° - realizar o resign do save 'BCUS98103_NDI_UNCHARTED_DF_2' 2° - Escolha...

Filesize: 1.65 MB


Downloads: 15

Description: Ok guys today l am bringing you 2 save sets for the PS3 Version of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. l have sorted the...

Version: EU

Filesize: 1.82 MB


Downloads: 80

Description: This is my own savegame for JP version of the Bioshock - BLJS10189, can be resigned and used for other regions...

Filesize: 995.67 KB


Downloads: 8

Description: Ok guys today l am bringing you a Classic. The Chronicles Of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay Game Save data for PS3....

Version: EU

Filesize: 9.96 MB


Downloads: 10

Description: Most complete save you will find!! All outfits Max level (1 hit to get level 10) All collectibles and secret places...

Version: BLES01163

Filesize: 1.09 MB


Downloads: 10

Description: The most complete game you will find for PS3!! All missions and DLC missions on S Rank. All collectibles and VR...

Version: BLUS31045

Filesize: 126.75 KB


Downloads: 78

Description: My UK save file. Just unlocked 3-X. A few attempts.. and... i think ill attempt to do this later on, thats one insane...

Filesize: 19.94 KB


Downloads: 14

Description: Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle 100% Save DLC All unlocked 100% All characters max rank All art and orbs BLUS31004

Version: BLUS31004

Filesize: 239.75 KB


Downloads: 26

Description: Here is the Dead Space 2 Digital Store version save sets for the game. I couldnt use any saves on the website so i made...

Version: 1.00

Filesize: 1.42 MB


Downloads: 50

Description: Game Completed 100% DLC Best Save Ever All characters max rank All unlocked 100% All art and orbs 100%

Version: BLES01421

Filesize: 239.75 KB


Downloads: 16

Description: Game Completed 100% All unlocked, legit save Enjoy!!

Version: BLUS31357

Filesize: 650.60 KB


Downloads: 27

Description: Game Completed 100% Enjoy!!

Version: NPUB30151

Filesize: 791.27 KB


Downloads: 12

Description: Game complete 100% All missions completed (S RANK) Enjoy!!

Version: NPUB30096

Filesize: 165.61 KB


Downloads: 29

Description: Game Save 100% All missions DLC completed (S RANK) Best Save Ever!! Enjoy!!

Version: BLUS30721

Filesize: 195.96 KB


Downloads: 84

Description: Complete Game 100% Region: BLUS30144

Version: BLUS30144

Filesize: 179.11 KB


Downloads: 22

Description: 1. Before Case 5, before using radio for the last time. (pre-patch) (Not Account Locked/No Resigning Needed)

Filesize: 194.69 KB


Downloads: 0

Description: Musou Orochi Z PS3 JP BLJM60139 to use on ps3, you'll need apollo save tool to resign this save to use as your...

Filesize: 236.13 KB


Downloads: 4

Description: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PS3 USA NPUB31505 You'd need to resign this save via apollo save tool or else the game...

Filesize: 2.15 MB


Downloads: 27