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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 1 (Platinum Save + Guide)

Download Name: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 1 (Platinum Save + Guide)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Start new game before using either saves and go to online and do all 20 titles legit.
By the time you complete this you will have:

High Roller
10 Titles Achieved
20 Titles Achieved

Now load my save but warning it will instant pop the following trophies soon u at the
menu screen so if you want to make it look somewhat legit i advise u play it some 1st.
With my save you will get:

Saiyan Saga Complete

Frieza Saga Complete

Androids Saga Complete

Majin Buu Saga Complete

Bardock Saga Complete

Leg. Super Saiyan Saga Complete

What-If Stories Saga Complete

Battle-Thirsty Warrior


Character Collector

Star Holder

Arcade King

Super Survivor

Speed Demon

Point Fiend

Undefeated Champ

Planet Destroyer

Galactic Ruler

Ultimate Tag Team

First Win in Extreme Battle!

Strong Arm Champ


Blazing Friendship

All Ruined

Fought as All Characters

Fought on All Maps

Debuted on the World Stage

30 Titles Achieved

Veteran Fighter

Online World Tournament Champion

World Tournament Champion

Cell Games Champion

Item Collector

Full Item Box Expansion

Knowledge of the Fighting Arts

Seeker of the Fighting Arts

Master of the Fighting Arts

Proof of Training
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