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Dark Void (Platinum Save + More)

Download Name: Dark Void (Platinum Save + More)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Trophies unlocked with Platinum save:

-"Ultimate Bad Ass"- Episode 3 beat "Tower of Return" on hardcore difficulty.
-"Dark Void"- Episode 3 beat "Tower of Return" on any difficulty.
-"Tower of Return"- Should get this naturally attempting the 2 trophies above.
-"Pack Rat"- Collect any amount of tech points by killing an enemy.
-"Grand Theft...UFO?"- Successfully Hijack one UFO.
-"Blind Luck"- kill any enemy using blind fire. (From cover without aiming).
-"Fireworks"- Kill 1 enemy by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air.
-"99 Red Balloons"- kill 1 enemy using the "MAGNETAR" Weapon.
-"Cliffhanger Killer"- kill 1 enemy while in vertical cover.
-"Death from Above"- kill 1 enemy while in hover.
-"Bird of Prey"- kill 1 ground enemy with your rocket pack guns.
-"Terminal Velocity"- Episode 1 "Into the Void" fly highest possible, free fall 10 seconds
-"Cleanup on Aisle Three"- kill 1 enemy with a headshot.
-"Rochambeau, I go First"- kill 1 enemy with melee attack.
-"Blue Light Special"- kill a enemy with a grenade.
-"Those Aren't Fortune Cookies"- step on 1 slug.
-"Light Up the Sky"- Destroy 1 enemy ship with the Ark's AA gun.
-"Master of Arms"- kill any enemy with any weapon.
-"I'm a Rocketman, Baby"- Perform 1 special maneuver while using the rocket packs.
-"The Devastator"- Destroy 1 enemy UFO while piloting a Survivor fighter.
-"Float Like a Butterfly"- kill 1 attacker immediately after escaping their melee grab.
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