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Final Fantasy X HD + Final Fantasy X-2 HD (Save Set)

Download Name: Final Fantasy X HD + Final Fantasy X-2 HD (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

And now the trophy galore. Some you have to get on your own, unfortunately.

01.) Completion / sexy Yuna platty
- get all other trophies

02.) Dressed for the occassion / change dresses on YRP in one battle
- Simple. Just drop in any battle, and have all girls spherechange once.

03.) Specialty / get one special dressphere
- Load up save 1. Go to the Macalania Woods spring, and talk to Tromell four times to get Paine's special dressphere.

04.) Good listener / listen to all of Maechen's stories
- Load up save 10. Go to Zanarkand to get Ep.Complete there, then look to your left to spot Maechen. Talk to him, do NOT interrupt him and voila.

05.) Tricky Trapper / capture a chocobo before end of CH3
- Load up save 5. It helps if a girl is an alchemist with Items lv.2, so that using items is super fast. Fall into battles at Djose, Moonflow or Calm Lands until a battle occurs with Chocobo in it. Quickly have the alchemist girl toss Gysahl Greens at the chocobo to calm it down. Slay any fiends that may appear, and then toss another Gysahl Greens to capture the featherbrain.

06.) Zeroed out / defeat YSLS Zero
- Load up save 4. Go up the stairs, fall into boss battle, toss Dark Matter and you win.

07.) Defeating an old friend / defeat Bahamut
- Load up save 8. Proceed into background and turn left, then proceed onward. Defeat Bahamut (Dark Matter) for voila.

08.) Dousing the fire / defeat Zalamander
- Load up save 9. From the Rin Agency follow the red arrow on minimap. In the small dungeon proceed to the end and defeat Zalamander.
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Can anyone convert this set to PC/Steam version please?