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F.E.A.R. 3

Download Name: F.E.A.R. 3  

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Submitted By: Sean

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FEAR 3 Score Trophies:
IMPORTANT: dont skip the sequences after the chapter too fast. maybe u wont get the trophy then.
Start game with all the saves and "continue the campaign"

Chapter 1:

Finish the last 3 open Challenges (press SELECT to see): u still need 7 Headshots, 8 Kills in slow motion, 6 melee attack kills. Finish Chapter then.
Do the Headshots and Kills in slow-motion together. Activate slow-motion and kill the enemies with headshots.
After kill the rest of the enemies with any melee-attack. Finish the chapter to get "Up the River"

Chapter 2/ Rank 10 Trophie:

its a little bit more difficult:
follow the way, get the sniper in the left corner. then get in cover and finish the open challenges (dont kill the blue man, because more other enemies will spawn then:
- u still need 3 kills in cover
- u still need 9 Headshots
- u still need 11 kills in slow-motion (combine that with the headshots and cover)
- finish 1 complete slow-motion
- still 5 kills with grenade
- u can also start and finish the challenge to get out from cover (with X) and kill an enemie then (for 5 times)

Kill the blue man then and run to the helicopter. u should get the "Magna Slum Laude". U will also earn the Trophy to attain Rank 10, "Almost Halfway"

Chapter 3:

its easy. just kill the last enemies (maybe with melee-attack to finish that challenge) and finish the chapter to get "Cannibal Run".

Chapter 4:

its easy. just finish the chapter to get "House Arrest"

Chapter 5:

its easy. just finish the chapter. kill the last blue man and the rest of the enemies. find the girl and run away to get "Point Taken"

Chapter 6:

its very easy. just destroy the wall in front of you and follow the way to get "Crossing Over"

Chapter 7: Just finish the Chapter.
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Chapter 8:
Hurt the boss for the last time and then kill him. Its important to hurt him again to get 2.500 points. You will get "Dream Score"

With the Rank 20 Save: u are Rank 20. just hurt the Boss for one time to attain rank 21 for "You've got the Touch"

With the Plat-Save: just finish one chapter on insane to get all chapter trophies, "Mission ..accomplished" and "Man Mode".
for the others, just do one thing of the requeriments and the trophy will unlock. for example: do 1 kill to get the 1000 kills trophie. beat one challenge to get the challenge trophies, etc.
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