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Quantum Theory Save Set

Download Name: Quantum Theory Save Set  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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1.Dermal Lesion - Checkpoint at the last gate. It is necessary to kill all enemies and run to the gates.
2.Internal Trauma - Professional Exterminator - Checkpoint оn the Gargantua.
3.Gladiator - Checkpoint оn the Chariot. Shoot the torso, this is his weak point.
4.Phloem - Checkpoint at the Lumenosynthetic Reactor. There is only one entrance to the reactor. It will be necessary to run around the reactor and kill opponents. As soon as the path to the reactor is free, we run up to it, we do three to four blows and again on a new one.
5.Breech - What a Pal - Warrior - Checkpoint at the core. You've got to hold out until companions set charge. The next level immediately оn the Thanatos. There are a lot of explosives on the floor. As soon as he stands next to him immediately shoot.
6.Matador - Checkpoint оn the Dreadnought. Use only combo throws and dodge.
7.Nevermore - Fight Fire with Fire - Checkpoint оn the Raven. Shoot the wings, this is his weak point.
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