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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (Save Set)

Download Name: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Raise one island out of the sea using YMIR, This unlocks:
Island Raiser
Beginning Salvager
Veteran Salvager
Master Salvager

Walk around on the map using YMIR until you hear Sonja say "What was that". Hit down on the down-pad and then raise it to find a monster. Destroy the monster, This unlocks:
Giant Battler
Giant Slayer
Giant Giant Destroyer

Go to the Inn's kitchen next door to your house and craft an item. (Easiest Item to craft is hot milk). Also keep crafting until you get a failed item. This unlocks:
Beginning Crafter
Veteran Crafter
Professional Crafter
Master Crafter
Failed Chef

Go to the docks in the town, and equip your fishing pole. Play the fishing mini game and catch a fish. This unlocks:
Beginning Angler
Veteran Angler
Professional Angler
Master Angler

Go to the church. Buy a recovery drink. Consume the recovery drink. This unlocks:

Double jump anywhere in town by pressing X twice. This unlocks:
Jumping for Joy

In your home, Equip your weapons and keep slashing until you pass out. You will wake up in your bed with a chance to have a cold. Just keep repeating the process until you wake up with a cold. This unlocks:
Germ Factory

Walk around town or stand still until it reaches 5:00am. You will pass out and return to your bed. This unlocks:

Go to any island that has monsters and kill one monster. This unlocks:
Monster Battler
Monster Masher
Monster Destroyer
That Which Monsters Fear
That Which Monsters Flee
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Thanks for this upload, I have been considering giving this game a try for a while and may make the jump