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Ride To Hell Retribution (Collectibles + More)

Download Name: Ride To Hell Retribution (Collectibles + More)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

The above saves are were tested by Kitrow, its complete on the One Percenter Difficulty setting.

Also there are 2 collectables left, the RED and BLUE cards.

I believe its on Triple Six chapter. (cross shaped key chain and you can tell because it hasn't got 100%)

When you start this level you will be on a cemetery, both cards are located on the right side.

One is low right and one is high right, just leave the 2 melee enemies alone and collect the cards.

With this save all bike pains collected and all the girls are rescued. (yeah sorry no sort a s*x-scenes left )

As for bike and combat related trophies, you have to do most yourself.

Not sure which trophies will pop on load or after meeting a certain criteria (like a kill), feel free to test.

This save is EU and was from the PSN version.

Game profile save was newer and used to play with the dlc.

As for the Checkpoint save is older and i didn't use the dlc.

Use Xploder to resign the save.

Also for the trophies to look legit, just finish the game on Easy Rider difficulty to also get all story related trophies.
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This game was such a meme lol