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Resistance 2 (Save Set)

Download Name: Resistance 2 (Save Set)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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All Single Player Campaign Trophies:

- Rampage! > Kill only 1 Hybrid
- Recycler > Defeat the Goliath (Checkpoint SRPA Airfield)
- Fried Calamari > Defeat the Kraken (Checkpoint Landing Platform)
- Exterminator > Defeat the Mother Spinner (Checkpoint Tower Entrance)
- Flyswatter > Defeat the Swarm (Checkpoint Generator Platforms)
- The Bigger They Are > Defeat the Leviathan (Checkpoint Leviathan)
- Big Game Hunter > Defeat the Marauder (Checkpoint The Docks)
- Nowhere to Hide > Kill only 1 enemy with the Bullseye Gun
- Sharpshooter > Get only 1 headshot while scoped in with the Fareye or Marksman
- Explosives Expert > Get only 1 kill with the Carbine 40mm, LAARK, or Frag Grenade
- They Go "Boom" > Get only 1 kill with the Magnum secondary fire
- Pyromaniac > Set only 1 enemy of fire with the Bellock Semi-Automic or Air-Fuel Grenade or Spider Grenade or environmental hazard
- Spitting Lead > Kill only 1 enemy by using the Wraith with the force barrier engaged
- I See You > Kill only 1 enemy through solid matter with the Auger
- Talk To The Hand > Use the Auger force barrier to stop only 1 incoming enemy shot
- For Close Encounters > Get only 1 one-hit head-shot kills with the Shotgun
- Pincushion > Get only 1 kill with the Hedgehog
- Up Close and Personal > Get only 1 melee kill with any weapon
- Wrecking Machine > Destroy only 1 vehicle
- Mind Your Surroundings > Get only 1 indirect kill by using explosive objects
- Exotic Weapon Collector > Start a new game and it will unlock automatically
- Master Spy > Start a new game and it will unlock automatically
- Snipe Hunt > Kill only 1 Spinner (play Checkpoint Redwoods)
- Xenocide > Kill only 1 enemy
- R.I.P. Jordan Shepherd > Play the Checkpoint Exterior Decks and defeat Daedalus
Delete the Game Patch 1.60 and run the game.
Replay the last Checkpoint on Superhuman Difficult.

All Online Competitive Multiplayer Trophies:
(You can only get it, if you have never played online before!!!)

- Berserker > Use only 1 Berserk Attack at least once
- Salute Me > Earn some Points in a Ranked Match
- Point Man > Earn some Points in a Ranked Match
- Killing Machine > Score only 1 Kill in a Ranked Match

All Cooperative Campaign Trophies:

- Specter Recon > Collect only 1 piece of gray tech
- Specter Initiate > Complete only 1 mission
- Team Player > Complete only 1 mission with a full party of 8 players
- Tour of Duty > Complete only 1 mission
- Specter Officer > Choose a class with Level 30 and earn some XP
- Primarch Hunter > Kill only 1 Elite Chimerans
- Specter Intel > Complete only 1 mission
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Thanks for the save set ill definitely be benefiting from it.