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Resident Evil: HD Remaster (Jill Trophies)

Download Name: Resident Evil: HD Remaster (Jill Trophies)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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What a Great Guy
Just Load the SECOND SAVE, Exit the save room turn left and left again go down the hallway to the door with the nearly broken door handle, go through the door (It will give you an option too or not because its nearly broken) Press Yes. Now go through the double doors, once through there go straight in the door ahead of you.
Then go in the door opposite you, Once in that room run across and see the shotgun on the wall take it. Head out of that room and a cutscene will happen and the ceiling will start to come down. Try to run back to the room where you had the shotgun from now run to the other door and try go through that and another cutscene will happen where barry saves you from the falling ceiling. When the cutscene ends enjoy your trophy.

Delaying the Inevitable Trophy
Ive saved the game where you have to save Richard from the snake bite he has, I saved in the medical room where the serum is in. Once you come out of the medicial room all you do is have to go through 5-7 doors if that to reach him in time to get the Trophy. Once i loaded my save earlier i ran back to richard where i got the trophy and thought I would upload it here for people to get it easy and for people to use in a save set
Anyway if anyone wants to know which doors to go through ive uploaded pictures in the folder.

Please learn the route from the pictures before trying, the pictures are the fastest way to get there since richard will die if you go any other way.

Not Waiting to Exhale Trophy
Okay my second upload for the day sorry i couldnt do this closer to the trophy which is quite quickly all you have to do is from the save point go to the Dining Room where you find the blood with Barry at the start of the game there is a clock there.
Pick the Large hand and turn it to the left, after that pick the large hand again and turn it to the left "it will look like 6 o'clock" and the clock will move to the side. Grab the mansion key and go back to the main hall where start off at the game.
Go up the stairs and go right go up the other set of stairs and turn left towards the door and go through it you will meet Richard there which you saved by giving him the serum using my other save above.

Anyway walk up to richard and turn left and you will see a door go through that door and you will come to another door full with spider webs. Unlock the door using the mansion key and go through, walk a few feet infront you will be met by a cut scene (not going to spoil it for you lol) anyway after that shoot the snake once to defeat it and there you have your "Not Waiting to Exhale Trophy" pop up on completion.

Btw ive posted a pictures in the folder to give you a guide on what to do and what route to take.
Even took a picture of the trophy on pop up for proof.

Grave Digger Trophy
First Come out of the save room and go to your left, around the corner and through the door.
Turn right and go down the hall and in top left hand corner you will see a blue door with a long gold bar as a handle, go through there.
Next you will be in the room with the stained glass or paintings the puzzle as already been solved for you and the masked already picked up.
Go through the gate and go left and then a sharp right and head towards the underground passage for the masks, next go to your inventory and examine the box,
turn it to you will see the metal rotation bars with half a upside down heart click it to click the button and turn it the other way to find the other half of the heart,
click it to press the button to open the box and you will recieve the no eyes, no nose and no mouth mask.
Finally add all the masks: EYES - EYES, MOUTH AND NOSE - NOSE - MOUTH.
Move towards the box thats dropped on the floor, the Crimson Head Prototype1 will jump out the box turn around and kill it.
And the trophy will POP!! Enjoy!

Screenshots of the game have been taken using my phone (Gamecube Version) since it wont take up so much memory in the last two folders and is better quality on the screen instead of taking pictures of my tv all the time lol.

Deep Sixed Trophy
Cant miss this achievement.
When in the water pool area where Neptune is lying in the small trench of water,
touch the key to activate the cut-scene. Then when you regain control push the small console into the water and pull the lever on the left.

ALL CREDIT GOES TO NeoFrost for this trophy, Thanks for letting me upload this and saving so much time. Thanks alot buddy! HEADS UP THIS IS THE US VERSION JUST RESIGN IT TO THE REGION SAVE YOUR USING.

The Key Master Trophy
Load the save and turn around and head towards the bookshelf on the right, take the white book and skip the reading menu for the book.
Add the red book into place from your inventory and then once added assemble and place the books in the correct order as in the 4th picture in the folder.
Once thats done the bookshelf on the left will move and a door will be shown go through that door and you will be met with a massive plant that wants to, basically kill your ass. Be quick and run up the stairs as shown on the screen shots and shoot it till it dies.
Run back down the stairs turn left and run towards the fire place and you will see the key flashing pick it up and enjoy your trophy pop!

Who's the Hunter now? Trophy
This one doesnt need any pictures because its so straight forward you could do it blindfolded lol.
Anyway all you have to is load the save, once loaded go out the save room, as soon as your out the room aim and shoot.
Its that simple! enjoy your quick and easy.

Giant Snake Got Nothin' Trophy
Exit the save room and go up the stairs, once on top of the stairs turn to your left and go down the straight long corridor, go through the door turn left and then a sharp right and then another sharp right go down that and through that door. Then go up the stairs and follow the route sticking to the right side and meeting a door, unlock it and go through. Follow the route round once you go past the windows you will hear the sound of the snake coming then a cutscene will happen after a few more steps, hes right behind you so keep running till you have come to some ladders go down the ladders and then wait for the snake to come down and shoot him, Enjoy the Trophy pop!
Picture of the map and a route can be found in the folder!

Spider Sense Trophy
Load the save, once loaded continue up with the route use the latest crank on the wall.
Once you've done that run towards the door and go through it, once your through the door turn right and run about 5-7 steps.
turn around and the huge rock will begin to roll down towards you, run down to the door you just came through a cutscene will happen now go to where the rock has
destoryed the wall and there will be a door go through it and you will be met with a huge spider a first.
Kill it and your trophy will pop!
Warning: There is another spider that appears behind you so watch out!

Trust Him Trophy
Once you load the save walk down the stairs, across the beams and down the ladder. You will be met with a cutscene with barry. You have a choice to save him or not. Save him by giving him his gun back and you will get your trophy pop!

Sorry about the Wait Trophy
All you need to do is rescue Chris from his cell to get the trophy ive uploaded a picture in the folder on where to go to get chris, all the hard work with the MO Disks have already been done and your only 4 doors away from Chris for an easy trophy pop.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby, Not In The Mood To Die, Alpha Team's Finest & I'm a Member of S.T.A.R.S. Trophies

All you need to do is basically load the save and go up the ladder which you will be met with Barry and Chris, Run through the door they are standing infront of it. You will be met with a cut scene with brad calling you on the walkie-talkie anyway follow the route round and you will see a Fuse Unit on the floor pick it up and put it in the right side of the wall near the elevator. Once done you will have another cut scene skip it. You will be on the Heli-Pad now pick up the briefcase infront of you and run on the corner of the helipad and USE the Signal rockets cut scene will happen again with barry and chris coming up the elevator and the Tyrant coming out of the ground hitting chris and going after Barry once hes walking towards him quickly open your inventory and equip your weapon and shoot him and kill the Tyrant. Enjoy your trophies!!

Every Woman For Herself Trophy
This trophy is so simple basically do the above but you will have to do it with the master key which you already have in your inventory. You have nothing to worry about with enemies or a Tyrant at the end basically run towards the elevator pick the Fuse Unit up putting it in the wall. Go up the elevator and pick the briefcase up, use the rocket signals and thats it. Enjoy your trophy pop!

Please Note: Ive included some pictures using my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile Phone so im sorry on that lol the file is like 100MB because of the photos since my camera has like a 16MP camera but atleast they help

All these saves PARAM has been made BLANK to use on any PS3 account or for someone to rebuild it using their own PARAM.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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Ill definitely be giving this a try - thanks for posting