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Resident Evil 5 - DLC: Versus (100%Save)

Download Name: Resident Evil 5 - DLC: Versus (100%Save)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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I take no credit for this save, it was given to me by my friend, I wont bother explaining how to unlock regular trophies as there are plenty of other saves available. EU btw, in case any one needs to resign it.

The main reason I'm putting this here is because of the Versus trophies, anyone who has this game knows that grinding out 30 wins is the most boring task ever. Well with this save all you have to do is complete a versus match, win or lose, and the trophy will pop up, simple! The main problem I'm having is finding people to stay in the game for the team trophies, even when the other team is winning they will still leave because they see me making no effort. ._.
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