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Super Robot Wars OG II(Dai-2-Ji) save set

Download Name: Super Robot Wars OG II(Dai-2-Ji) save set  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

the scenario save file and system save file are different,
for scenario save file,choose [load] at title screen,
for system save file,choose [continue] at title screen.

hold R1+start=speed up(press O or X button during battle to skip)
L1+L2+R1+R2+secect+start button=return to title screen
hold select=restore save(??not sure)(按緊selece還會自動讀檔??)
save61:last chapter,upgrade 1 robort to max(日本網站拿的)
save63:EX-HARD game clear
save65notice it's system file)古の忌憶(機體幾乎全改造,pilot全養成)

use main ship attack enemy,earn lots of trophy.

Heroines Elite Squad(ヒロインだらけの精鋭部隊)
then finish game to get following trophies:


special game clear

Complete the game 3 times(やり込み派(ゲームを3周クリア)

All SR Points Acquired(全SRポイント獲得)

Scenario Chart Completed(シナリオコンプリート):
select Options then Library. A Scenario Chart is listed.
save68:Young Driver(若葉マーク)

Warrior of Love(愛の戦士):Use the spirit command Love 1 times

Skanda(韋駄天):select G-compuchilu-kaisa,(at south left of map,next to boss)move 16 steps.

Sniper King(狙撃王):choose Hagane main ship,use second page [Tolonium.BastaCannon],
Hit boss from 14 squares away.

Total War(総力戦):choose Hagane main ship,use Super Guts(ド根性).

財布ラッシュ!? + Hot Blooded Squad(熱血部隊) + Mighty Warrior(一騎当千):
Masaki move near enemy and using map attack [Cyflash].
save70-Only One Clash(オンリーワンクラッシュ)

choose Line.Vislita(unit 10,there are 3 other robort surroud the enemy,
just go there attack enemy.)

Shooting Star, Cutting Through the Night(流星、夜を切り裂いて):
let Alutilion(CF)(アルテリオン(CF))get destroy by boss to get this trophy.

Big Haul!?(一網打尽!?)
choose Masaki,use map attack Cyflash kill 10 enemies.

Double Attack:
wait next turn,until 2 enemy beside each other,
choose Line.Vislita(unit 10)at right hand side of boss,
use the [launcher E] attack(has ALL W),kill 2 enemies.
save73:Miraculous Survivor(奇跡の生還)

wait next turn,let boss attack you and use L1 choose your action,
you need to get 1 more hit from boss,the boss will attack 3 times during 1 turn,

so choose evade 2 times,then choose defend get 1 hit,
if the boss never hit you,just keep trying next turn,
if you die,press L1+L2+R1+R2+secect+start return to title screen.
save74:[A Bet With Terrible Odds]分の悪い賭け

unit 01 use [map attack] hit unit 03.

Supporter (Defense)]:
then wait next turn,when enemy attack you,keep use L1 choose evade,
but,when teammate's can support you(you'll see their robort at below of screen),
choose defend,wait to get 2 more [Supporter (Defense)].
save75:The Impregnable Man(その漢、鉄壁):

wait next turn,choose defend action let enemy attack you,don't choose evade
save76:Supporter (Attack)Defeat 15 enemies using Support Attack in a single stage

choose unit 03,choose weapon you want to attack,then move cursor to enemy,
if it can perform [Supporter Attack],there will be a red word[attack]on the top of your teammate,
choose enemy with full HP to attack,because if you kill enemy by 1 shot,
there won't be a Supporter Attack.
save77:Combination Attack(コンビネーション攻撃)連續攻擊+4 還要有C武器:

choose Kai(unit 04),use blade.sai(type C) to perform Combination Attack,
choose enemy in front of you(fish),then choose angel behind it,
then choose the fish at right hand side,kill them all(5 enemies).
78:It Happens a Lot(よくある事)

choose the green robort,move 1 step back,use M13 shotgun attack enemy in fornt of you.
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