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Star Trek (Save Set)

Download Name: Star Trek (Save Set)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

1st and 3rd saves belong to [email protected] whereas 2nd and All power to forward shields save are mine and I just modded the plat save so that it can give you trophies.

I took my time to study the savedata ,please rep me if you guys like it

Guide is already included along with saves.

1st set trophies
All Kills Trophies(Except Vulcan Cannon and Sriker)
-> Just Kill 1 with particular gun

I'll Cover you
-> order partner to bypass 1(Do not need to be in a row)

Into the Darkness
-> Clear Helios Chapter Last Stage on Hard mode via Chapter Select

Explementary Commendation
-> Clear the very 1st Optional Objective

Live Long and Proesper
-> Revive your partner 1 time

2nd set trophies
Vulcan Cannon Pulse Kills & Striker Kills
->Kill 1 with guns above

Dagger of the Mind
Fascinating & Researcher
Listening in & Whole Story
1. choose New Vulcan -> level with the very 1st objective
2. Do 1 Mind Meld(the game needs you to do so)
3. Scan 1 research data in Surok's Lab
4. Scan 1 audio log in the next small room after Surok's Lab,the audio log(phone) is beside a table-like on the floor
it will pops Fascinating then Researcher,use at your own risk

-> Do Co-op hack in Enterprise Capture -> Taking back to ship,just right from the start,clear the enemies and then do the co-op hack

I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, Your Friend
Down But Not Out

read guide in ps3trophies for how to do so,very easy

Away Team: Mission Initiated
Away Team: In-Progress
-> Complete Space Battle,Flashback,Helios-1(Last Stage),Mothership(Final Boss) in co-op.(can be done in 30 mins)

3rd set trophies

Honorary Commendation
-> Complete the very 1st optional objective in New Vulcan

Away Team: Mission Accomplished
-> Complete the Helios-1 > Last Stage in Co-op

All power to forward shields trophy
just choose continue after main menu,I maximized the HP to 100% in checkpoint,good luck!
I got the trophy in 2nd try,1st try 85% but no trophy,2nd try 89%,trophy pops,I am very lame in this mini game though.
Actually,I modded the health to 99999,which should be 999% but somehow it was reset to 100%

For Story-related trophies,I will not do it,just enjoy and play the game normally from start till the end by using your own save,the game is not that bad
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