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Shadow of the Colossus (Save Set)

Download Name: Shadow of the Colossus (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

follow these steps and you will get all trophies within 3-5 hours depends on your skills:

the game save has multiple ingame saves (10 saves).

first save: kill the lizard inside the temple and eat his white shiny tail you will get "Mighty Wander"
, then kill every colossus but the last one inside of the temple, to start the fight with the colossus go in the front of him and press circle.
after you have got colossus' trophies , go to the back of temple and climb it to the top , you will get "climber" trophy.

third save: eat a fruit from the tree near to you. you will get "stalwart wander"

Fourth save: eat the last fruit , you can find it in the map , you will get "Cornucopia"

Sixth save: press O near the small temple to save the game and you will get "Tower of Prayer", then kill the last lizard near to the temple , you will get "Endangered lizards", after that go and the kill the last colossus, you will get "the final colossus' , then go for "resistance" trophy too , leave the credit until it finish,you will get " the forbidden" and "collector"

7th save: kill the last colossus & leave the credit until it finish , you will get "Wander and the forbidden"

8th save: get the last item from the circle inside the temple. you will get "Meticulous Collector"

9th save: hang on the hawk for 30 seconds , wait for it up the rock , and when it comes near to you jump and hold R1, you will get "Hang Glider"

10th save: Go for "Agro Circus" trophy, and go for the last trophy "Slippery Ride" , you can find a cave on your left(when you are looking to south) , go inside the cave then go a head until you see a lake , you will find some fishes , hang into one for 30 seconeds.

thats all , if you have any trouple just tell me and i will help you.
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