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The UnderGarden (Save Set)

Download Name: The UnderGarden (Save Set)  

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By flying into a level entry and pressing square you will see which level it is (for example "3. Kaboom"). Levels go clockwise: starting from north to east to south to west.

Load Save 1 (2 trophies)
Start the first level, pick up some pollen from the pollen sack and fly over some ungrown flowers to grow them until you get the trophy.
Go to level " 4. Blown Away" and grow all the flowers in the first "room" and another trophy pops.

Load Save 2 (2 trophies)
Go to level 9. Move on a bit and you will come to a gear you have to turn to drop a stone. A lantern fruit will fall down and clear smog itself. Just wait for the trophy to pop, you don't have to do anything else yourself.
Now head back to level 6 and play on until you have to break the barricade with the rocks (after the first big smoggy room). Now pick up a musician, heavy fruit (yellow ones), lantern fruit (white glowing ones, can be one that is not glowing anymore) and at the end (because it's gonna explode otherwise) an explosive fruit (red blinking ones) and hold them at the same time to get the next trophy.

Load Save 3 (1 trophy)
Start level 10 (you maybe have to go through the whirl in the middle of the level hub to get there) and hit the first pollen sack, pick up some pollen and grow some flowers. Do this with every pollen sack in the level to get the next trophy (sorry, this is the closest save possible for the trophy).

Load Save 4 (8 trophies)
Go to level 1. From start on, grow EVERY flower! Play until you get through the first whirl. Play on and pick up the two musicians til you get to the point with a gear you have to turn to get the bonus flower. Collect it and another trophy pops.
Now play on a little bit taking the two musicians with you. You will then come to another musician, pick him up so you have 3 musicians at once, now grow some flowers and another trophy pops.
Play on until you get through the next whirl. You will come across the hidden crystal. It's really easy to get it and when you collect it, the next trophy pops.
Now play on growing every flower (the bar on the lower right has to be completely full (including the big flower at the right end) before you go through the final whirl. If the bar is full you can finish the level, another trophy pops.
Start up the second level. You now have to pick up every musician until the point where the first explosive fruit (red blinking ones) spawns. Just pick them up holding the square button, then drop them again pressing the square button. Trophy pops afterwards.
Also pick up a bomb fruit (the red blinking ones) holding the square button and drop it on a musician to get the next trophy.
Now here comes the hardest trophy in the game (still easy though), start level 13 and play through it as fast as you can (you don't have to get 100%, all musicians or whatever, just speedrun the level). I've already beaten the other 2 levels for this trophy as fast as I could and this one is the easiest so just speedrun it until you get the trophy. You have around 5:30min to beat it and I needed around 3:30 at my first attempt, shouldn't take more than a few tries.
Now for the final trophy you have to start a game with 2 players (just connect a second controller and press Start on it), enter the second level, pick up a bomb fruit (red blinking ones) with player 1 and drop it on player 2.

Congratulations on 100%.
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